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  1. according to met office, thats it for snow today for my area, and its going to slowly turn to rain tomorrow afternoon hate rain, unless it fetches a thunder storm lol.
  2. everything re covered, maybe a cm or 2 from last night here. really cannot complain at all, been a great week!
  3. yep my bedtime too. Been a long few days, but great at the same time. Might wake up to a winter wonderland again....doubt it tho
  4. That last emoji looks a little scary flakes getting a little bigger here now
  5. aaaaand i can confirm heavier snizzle blowing past the lamp post
  6. positive terrier has been fab! take care yourself, i usually come back around that time, so see ya then
  7. im not far off town centre and got naff all too, your not alone haha
  8. going to bed in a min, absolutely knackered. kids have wrote me off over last 3 days
  9. well dont be meanies and send some this way. I aint even got snizzle...not fair
  10. toast not burnt And no snizzle or snow to report here
  11. christ! am off to make some toast while i wait to see if we going to get more snizzle
  12. not long until my bed time, dont think i have any more wait in me
  13. wow that has grown! Thanks, and yeah our luck it will miss us
  14. do you want to do a screen shot and a doodle so i can see too. no radar works for me and i dont know where norfolk is anyways
  15. just looked out the window and i can confirm....a complete lack of snizzle. Its over
  16. just took the dog to loo and can confirm we have.....SNIZZLE
  17. i would but we dont get any decent storms anymore! love some thunder and lightning but its as rare as our snow
  18. im heeeeere....for crying out loud i cant keep away! i will go tomorrow
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