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  1. 1 minute ago, SouthYorks said:

    Just the odd flake over last hour where I am in Barnsley.  The last shower passed just to the south.  Seems the showers start off fairly strong over the coast then gradually lose intensity as they move inland then just when they have passed Barnsley suddenly start to intensify again 🤬

    Also, the dusting of snow from overnight and the frost of yesterday is now disappearing fast as temps rise.  Not hopeful for any accumulations today, even if if I do get a single snow shower on target ☹️

    All stopped here now. 

    This winter so far has been terrible, was a lovely winters day yesterday, but shows how dire things are when we are relying/hoping on a few showers to get a covering. 

    Hopefully things start to change with the outlook so we can all get what we crave 🤞😂 

  2. Liking the look of friday on the meto forecast for my location. If i see anything today its a bonus as not expecting anything 😊 

    This is the last week for my snow hunting, this winter looked promising early on but im not so optimistic now, looking forward to some spring warmth and then long summer nights 😊

    🤞 for all in our region to at least see some snow this week! 

  3. Just now, sausage said:

    i REALLY REALLY HOPE THE MODELS dont push it all south on thursday night! again. its been consistant with it over us more especially overnight gfs ecm but as good as this mornings gfs it has slightly corrected southwards please dont continue hence no met office warni gs yet which i was hoping for.! midlands can have theirs tomorw, let us have ours thirs night please! PLEASE! 

    Prepare for the worse, it wont hurt as bad then 😂

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