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  1. Hope to see at least something tonight/tomorrow morning. Been a joke this season for snow! We dont seem to have had a winter, just an extended Autumn Roll on summer
  2. Yeah quite a few area's around here with loss of power, ours is still on at the moment, just want this weather to do one now Hate strong winds!
  3. Is this in for the day? Already got a fence down here and a dog that is refusing to go outside to the loo Meant to be going to marr for lunch for mother in laws birthday, have to say im slightly worried about even leaving the house
  4. Well for the first time this winter i have seen some snowflakes falling, for about 3 seconds.
  5. Hello november and hello to snow chasing! Fingers crossed us coldies get our reward this winter. 🌨❄☃️

    1. lassie23


      nothing to see here move along 😣

  6. Nooooooo cold weather can do one now! Its too late for cold and snow now i have enjoyed the warmth and my hot tub back out!!! 

    Snow...you weren't around when i wanted you? so now you can F**K off 😂😂

    1. lassie23


      lol i can think of an interesting name change for you  f offsnowplease

    2. Allseasons-si


      up here is the holy grail at this time of the year

      bring it on.

  7. Hi all. Are the cold chances all but gone now? Im enjoying the warm days and the sunshine and i want my hot tub back out and up and running so im hoping the cold weather stays away haha, i know really selfish of me lol. Hopefully our next winter isn't as dire as this one has been
  8. Well, stopped here now and a melt is underway At least i have seen it falling properly now and settling for a little while, might hold me until next winter
  9. All stopped here now. This winter so far has been terrible, was a lovely winters day yesterday, but shows how dire things are when we are relying/hoping on a few showers to get a covering. Hopefully things start to change with the outlook so we can all get what we crave
  10. Give it chance it might just be a slow starter Thats how they have all started here
  11. Slowing down here now, so maybe its on its way Im not far from hospital really, im in kendray
  12. yaaay proper snow! Big flakes, coming down heavier and everything covering. Lovely shower
  13. All surfaces lightly covered here. Looks lovely, been a fantastic winters day today, the frost, fog and now a dusting
  14. One of my fave things is the spider webs in winter, they look so pretty
  15. How long until summer 😂 This winter is so tiresome! No snow but a 💩 load of potential...Does anyone want to potentially build a snowman with me 😂

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    2. Mokidugway


      UK weather's like watching paint dry , sooo  boring 🤔

    3. snow*please


      It really is. Just want one decent snow event then i will be happy, shouldn't be too much to ask for in winter 😂

    4. lassie23


      it is so boring that there were 1 million posts in the southeast thread for 1cm of snow 💤

  16. I know someone that moved over there and she put a post on fb after walking the dog in -41 temps, her eyelashes were frozen, clumps of white frost all over them , amazing to see and made me so jealous haha
  17. Oh i will deffo be back in here if we happen to get a dumping, thats for sure, im just getting tired of thr chase at the mo
  18. Liking the look of friday on the meto forecast for my location. If i see anything today its a bonus as not expecting anything This is the last week for my snow hunting, this winter looked promising early on but im not so optimistic now, looking forward to some spring warmth and then long summer nights for all in our region to at least see some snow this week!
  19. Im just preparing for diddly squat all this week, then i wont be disappointed and could end up being pleasantly surprised. But i will be staying out the cold hunt thread all week because i dont want the southerners snow rubbing in my face I hope it p*****s it down after any snow they get (sorry, snow brings out my inner child lol)
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