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  1. And i bet this one cant find the spot for us in Barnsley either 😂
  2. Hows the pounding coming along? Any closer? We need a good pummeling now its been a while 😂😂 Seriously though please tell me its going to hit Barnsley haha
  3. I have everything crossed after my face on day yesterday 😂
  4. Ooooo nice shower here at the mo. Better than yesterday. Nice surprise 😊
  5. aww how cute, i have only had him 4 days and he got out when i was cleaning the perch, now he just wont come near anyone! Not good haha
  6. had a decent shower here street road covered with a dusting. On a unrelated note, has anyone ever owned a budgie that wasn't tame yet that got out the cage? how do you get them back in, blue got out and i cant get him back in lol 🤣
  7. I'm not counting that one down this time! I want spring now.
  8. Well thats all my 3 kids asked me where the snow is! Next time I'm keeping my mouth shut 😂
  9. Its pants! We had better snow from the last few marginal events. This is a proper disappointment.
  10. Snowing here again, nothing to get excited about though. Wont hold my breath on it settling anywhere really either.
  11. They have taken them from us and given them to you, because Barnsleys looks poor on automated forecasts
  12. I thought that myself but my dummy was spat out when i opened curtains this morning 🤣
  13. Yeah been thinking same! I want spring now because i have got face on 🤣
  14. Dont know about sledging but think i might go sunbathing haha, can't believe it lol
  15. The sun needs to do one! Thought we were getting somewhere then, decent shower then boom the sun comes out 😅
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