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  1. Im going to call this winter...Bullseye The winter of "here's what you could have won" Dont think i can be bothered chasing day 10 charts again! I soooo wish mild was my fave weather. lol
  2. Well i was supposed to be staying off here for a while after the ups and downs of the Mod thread, but thats gone as wrong as the easterley Hows it currently looking for monday night/tuesday for our region?
  3. Thats it. Writing is on the wall. All models downgrading, cant be bothered chasing anymore cold charts in FI for them to then disappear. Im going off for a while. Fingers crossed all get to see some some snow eventually this winter 😊

    1. lassie23


      it's enough to make you want to take up smoking

    2. Mokidugway


      Lol ,mod thread is not a good resource, use charts and never look more than 4 days out ,everything else is hocus pocus 😎

    3. lassie23


      it really has become a joke

  4. It sure is! Toys all over the place, so if you do go in, mind your step
  5. Snowing again here Not amounting to anything though
  6. Hope this isn't the start of the wheels falling off! 

    Just as i was starting to get excited too 😭

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    2. lassie23


      it's the end of the world as we know it

    3. Fozfoster


      Yep always the same..........but maybe its different this time............glass half full and all that 😁

    4. lassie23


      it is definitely  going to maybe snow hopefully for sure with any luck

  7. Getting excited now for the rest of winter, if my location at 99m asl can get snow (big fluffy flakes) when was only forecast rain...i cant wait to see what keeps popping up over the coming weeks! Bring it on!
  8. Starting to settle on surfaces and pavements here now, big flakes too!
  9. Proper snow falling now. Im so happy, first snowfall of the winter for me!
  10. yaaaaaaaaay Snow!!!!!!!
  11. Now im gutted, your right, it has been snatched away from us
  12. MetO got my location down for 10 hours of light snow from midnight tonight Hope thats right, would love to see even a light dusting
  13. ok so in the mod thread they all seem pretty excited again...But noticing all the talk about the south getting a battering? Would that be the case? As i would rather there be no snow at all in the uk than the southerners getting it all!
  14. Nothing at all forecast for my location...good old snowless Barnsley Hopefully lots of chances over the rest of winter for all our region, just nice to have some cold to enjoy at the moment