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  1. Think im done snow chasing for this winter, im ready for mild muck now, not had anything noteworthy or lasting this winter so far...so bring on the warmth. 😂

    1. lassie23


      lol come 2029, you will get a covering

  2. aaaah it was so nice to not have to defrost the car this morning and to be able to get the kids to school without cra*pping myself driving on ice. Think i am now ready for spring and summer. This winter has given us snow at least but nothing noteworthy or lasting, Fingers crossed for next winter, but for now i think im done with this winter
  3. stuff snow! ive made my own ice skating rink on patio in garden 😂 much more fun lol!
  4. Hoping its not the same tomorrow, driving to penistone at 8am, was even considering walking there but i will pass now 🤣 Not thrilled about idea of either tbh
  5. Think im ready for summer now :( Hate de-icing car and driving 10mph on ice skating rink roads to get kids to school lol 

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    2. snow*please


      i love snow but can really go without black ice and a iced over car 😂 But it seems most places struggle for snow these days

    3. lassie23


      it snowed here in 1805, remember it well

    4. matt111


      Probably about the last time I saw snow as well. :cray:

  6. omg i hate driving in this! school run just took me 45 mins, all back roads so they were like an ice rink! Cars sliding everywhere, dont think i went above 10mph, probably would have been quicker to walk
  7. Aaah peace and quiet while the little lady is at nursery...Bliss 

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    2. snow*please


      wish i had thought about that before i started house work lol. 

      Nearly time to pick her up now too! 

    3. lassie23


      you need a robot to do stuff so you have more free time, one of them AI ones that does what it's told unless it develops a mind of its own.:shok:

    4. snow*please


      need a robot so i have more free time to nap lol. 

      Wonder if it would take kids to school and go to work for me too! haha 

  8. well i hope its all cleared (any we get) by saturday morning, got a job trial up penistone and it was only a few months ago i was in a car accident up there so al be shi×tting it anyway But fingers crossed for tonight anyway
  9. aaaand back to just rain here. Bedtime for me very soon.
  10. Show us your pet

    My little man Albert!
  11. Whats the deal with friday? Is this likely?
  12. still not fully turned here It tries and then gives up lol
  13. still not fully turned here, but its trying lol
  14. mine is too now! Actually quite big flakes mixed in with the rain
  15. What type of lampost do you have?...as it seems that makes all the difference to what you actually see nowadays lol!