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  1. been stopped here in barnsley for ages too
  2. been stopped ages here! Thought we were in for a pasting or is it later tonight it gets good lol. Edit: Scratch that its snowing again haha
  3. just got back in from sledging and bike riding with the kids (me pulling them on sledge tied to bike most of time ) Had my fun so it can do what it wants now lol
  4. stopped here now, white over though so im happy!
  5. Just need it to start sticking here! The showers are fab! Edit: Its now sticking
  6. well these showers have been fab to watch, just a bit pants that they have ammounted to nothing Best thing today is the icicles! love them! MetO forecasting some heavy falls for my area all night, but we shall see.
  7. i was catching up on the walking dead haha Started settling here on grass and cars, snow now stopped and can hear the dripping. Sleep time for me anyways, night guys n gals
  8. Thanks...yep i will let you have that one, you did call it, beginning of month when i left
  9. well amber warning over us....bye bye snow chances cant believe im back here so soon haha
  10. Well as the beast comes to an end, so does my snow chase for this season! 

    See you all november time to do it all again 😂 

    Enjoy spring and summer! 

    1. lassie23


      :air_kiss: see you on the 18th of march

  11. well this is the end of my winter snow chase! This week was fab, loved it but im now ready for some spring warmth. See all you guys in November-ish, enjoy spring and summer, its been a blast. Take care all!
  12. the roads better be ok..im having my hair done and will be gutted if i cant get there, gaz can drive me as i hate trying to drive in snow, so just avoid doing it Although a few weeks back when the roads were an ice rink, i handled that well, didnt slide once! haha
  13. just checked and yes its saying exactly that now, it wasn't earlier lol.
  14. according to met office, thats it for snow today for my area, and its going to slowly turn to rain tomorrow afternoon hate rain, unless it fetches a thunder storm lol.