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  1. Feels about as far away from any thunder as possible here (Paisley), quite cool and a fresh northerly breeze.
  2. Big(ish) flakes, quite heavy, everything whitening now apart from road surfaces.
  3. Frosty this morning, bright and blue skies first thing but cloud starting to appear now.
  4. Sitting watch TV there, started hearing hail hit the window, quite quickly it became quieter, then looked out and could see it was snowing!
  5. Another inch or so fell this morning but very slushy looking so don't expect that too be hanging about any later than tomorrow. Any thoughts on the pest from the West, I doubt it'll give us any snow, amybe some flakes but mainly rain that will wash away the remaining snow.
  6. Seemed to be quite a few places getting it, snow is big wet flakes. My road was whiteout in about 15 mins
  7. Currently big flakes falling quite fast now, thought it was all over with the heavy rain last night! Mind you I aint being watching weather reports recently. Snow wreaks it's revenge!
  8. Same here at Glasgow airport, got snow but hope it doesn't turn to rain, we are not at warmest part of the day so on a knife edge.
  9. I can't help but thinking some people clearing snow really do go over the top, guy across street has been thumping, scraping and banging for the last half hour. His drive is not even on an incline plus he cleared it yesterday too, and we've not had any major re-dump!
  10. Does having an amber and a yellow warning at same time not equal a red warning lol
  11. My garage roof has a funny wave pattern along it from the intense wind and drifting last night, pretty neat, also there is a deep drift about a foot or more round the front of the garage just out and to the left of the door.
  12. Same here, was a heavy flurry this morning but didny last long. Must admit landscape looks amazing with the sun beaming down, although still quite cloudy.
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