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  1. So we might get up to 25-27 degrees IF we're lucky. Why do people seem to think that the max temp is the forecast temp for that period?
  2. And for balance, the min chart for the same time. Also, it’s predicting 30 for London on your chart, hardly widespread.
  3. If they’re non-commital, might that not be an indication that things are perhaps a touch up in the air?
  4. And how many times have the Met Office been right because they don’t change their forecast just because the models show a change over a few runs. The Met Office are where they are because they do a good job...
  5. Bah, the real money is to be made by generating hydroelectric power from the tears of people in the model thread.
  6. This is your fault knocker! ALl your negative vibes caused that shortwave.
  7. I would very much agree with this statement. They always seem to be a couple of degrees off a few days out. I miss the range of possible temps they used to give on their 5-10 day forecasts...
  8. If you want cold charts and aren’t bothered about whether they verify then I’ll send you a load of maps and some crayons? I come here to get an idea of what is likely to happen in the near to distant future.
  9. But it’s just so stupid how people get their hopes up multiple times every winter when it’s never that promising and then moan when it goes Pete Tong. People act as if the cautious people are causing warmer weather.
  10. Surely what is important is who is correct?
  11. Preying? no one wants it to be cold more than I do, but people shout you down as soon as you try to talk about being cautious...
  12. How long till people get told to keep the faith?