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  1. Ahhh mr murr the weather god.hi steve, any hope of snow for South Essex? ??
  2. Great to hear u guys getting snow.any chance it might creep up to south essex???
  3. Just poped into mo thread.we may only be looking at a 2 day mild blip before pm air floods back in.
  4. Darren bett of all people ramping up the snow potential for se\ea on wednesday.looks much more promising than earlier forecast.glad u got your heating jo.your gonna need it 2nite.
  5. Ok Daniel.thanks for the reply.hopefully will c a little snow anyway. EW
  6. Hi guys.to those of u more knowledgeable than myself wat are the chances of a thames streamer or channel low cropping up in the coming days? EW
  7. think we might be pleasantly surprised in our area tonight jo.
  8. Gritters been out in in force this afternoon in the area.wasn't aware a frost was forecast tonight??? EW
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