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  1. 3.1c here at the moment. Hadn't got above 5c all day. Lovely having a bit of sunshine though.
  2. I thought it was funny. No offence intended. There weather is dry and it's been a beautiful day here today.
  3. I'm so relieved that it's cooled down here. 20.6c and it's really comfortable.
  4. What? The World Cup is on? Why wasn't I told? Here we go again. And as I watched the inevitable defeat, and watched a gnarly scouser with a hair weave consoling a little black man called Raheem.. I thought just how diverse this thing called 'England' is. Who are we? How did we get here? And why can't the rest of the world see how great the Saveloy is? I'm going to abandon England and hang my tights on USA for this championship. Enjoy your day.. It's not that sunny.. But it is trying. Etc etc etc
  5. It's a lovely sunny day here this morning. Deceptively chilly whilst out gardening, but beautiful to look at from indoors.
  6. So near CK. So near and yet so far. Look to the north when you reach Hatfield. I'm giving you a wave. Intermittant sunny spells and grey bits. Currently greyish at the moment but warm enough.
  7. Good morning everyone! What a great poem AS, I love the way your write, always have and I look forward to reading lots more of your poems right here in this wonderful friendly all-inclusive thread. I've not been inputting much lately, what with family 'stuff' going on, but I have been reading every day, and not only to for John Pike's wonderful forecasts. NNW I hope your stings are not too painful this morning. It made my eyes smart just reading of your incident yesterday. Today I have the last of the family visits and then everything is going to seem really quiet after what has been a really full on four weeks. I'm off to walk the doggie before the rains arrive. Have enjoyed the sunshine and the warmth when it's around, not so much the cooler temps of a night. Have a good day everyone whatever you are doing. Oh and for the record. This thread has always been welcoming to everyone. You may come here and talk about anything, Mainly about the weather of course, but we don't mind if you want to tell us about Sunday lunch, the chickens in the garden or the pants you have hung on the line. You will always find a warm welcome here. What does sometimes get a frosty reception is coming here to criticise what we love doing, and what we have done for a while now, as has probably been noticed, because it doesn't fit in with what someone else wants or expects. Come in, sit down, enjoy and take part. When the weather is quiet we are prone to stray from topic. When the weather is more exciting you won't find better input for the SE region and we can stay remarkably on topic. This is what we are in here, we enjoy our thread and we want you to, too.
  8. Morning all! It is cloudy here, but a warm 9.9c Love the sunset photos, thank you. Legrandefromage, I'm so sorry to hear about your cats. It's sad losing a pet, but losing two so close together must be devastating. We plan to go to Steeple Morden today, it's a lovely Cambridgeshire village and we have been going there for years, ever since the girls were toddlers as the park is seldom used and there are lovely walks from the car park. Hopefully my eldest will be up to it. Have a good day, SouthEastEastAnglians whatever you are doing.
  9. The fields are almost dry! Woohoo! Had a lovely dog walk. Except the farmer decided to plough one of his fields and I couldn't get across. Very inconsiderate of him, I feel. He could have phoned me first...checked my plans...contacted me on facebook. Doesn't he know who I am? Still was very pleasant nonetheless and I need my weetabix so I'll let him off. :D
  10. It is beeeeautiful here today. We didn't have any fog this morning and the sun is out and it's warm. 18.5c and lovely.
  11. Morning all! Currently 4.7c here and my weather station is predicting rain. How dare it?! We have three birthdays in our region today. Happy birthday to Yamkin!, Pinball Wizard and Bombheads. Hoping that you all have a great day. Today my youngest daughter has an appointment at the Orthodontist where she is being moulded for her first brace...yikes! And...I pick my bike up from the bike shop after it's repair. So yeah, bound to rain from here on, isn't it. Have a good day all, whatever you are doing.
  12. Morning all! It's a little foggy here this morning. Warming up nicely though, currently 7.9c CK, have you thought about taking up photography. You could then capture the weather and back up your theory with a practical lesson. I'm going to be a busy bee today, lots of things to do. Hope you all have a good day, whatever you are doing.
  13. Morning all! A cold 2c according to the car on the school run this morning. Foggy here too which hasn't lifted yet. Currently showing 6.3c in my back garden but feels colder than that still. Today I'm going to a fancy dress store to order something for a convention I'm going to in May. Needs to be on the theme of London Underground stations, and I have a few ideas. It's going to be as much fun choosing as going I think. My daughter is returning to school after Easter part time and hopes to be back to full time schooling come the end of May. So I'll also be returning to work and job hunting around that time. Perhaps we should combine our talents and start up our own company. I'll run the creche whilst you good folk bring in the money. In the meantime, I hope your day hots up as much as the weather is supposed to. Have a good 'un.
  14. Mr Chilly got the job! Woohoo Thank you for all the good luck wishes. Edit: It's cloudy.
  15. Morning all! Where's CK this morning? I feel quite bereft without his early morning ramblings. 6.8c here this morning, and dark and the heating hasn't come on this morning. Not sure if that's because it's not cold enough or it's broke. My hubby has a job interview today, so I have everything crossed for him. He needs a change of employer because his current ones are absolute sh*ts who refused to give him time off for our daughter's op. He won't forgive them for that. As for me, I'm going to buy a tumble dryer at last...it's the little things. Have a good day everyone!
  16. Morning all, it's a bright, cool morning here this morning. Temp 7.7c and rising rapidly. Have a good day everyone.
  17. So sad to learn that whatever rumbles have been going on, continue to do so, albeit underground. Like Steve I have been mostly oblivious, and hopefully it will continue that way. Sometimes I think I must be in my own little world, you are all, however, most welcome here. It can be blissfully peaceful here most times. I've had a glorious morning baking and gardening, followed a bike ride out to Willian which ended in a broken bike and walk part of the way home. Oh well, such is life.
  18. Morning all! Dry, sunny and 10.5c here already. What a lovely read back this morning. I love hearing all the nostalgic posts especially when they are written as eloquently as they are here. I can almost smell the grass and I'm imagining myself in the pavillion making cucumber sandwiches. It has brought back a rush of memories for myself, but I can't wax as lyrical as you guys so I shall just enjoy them in my head. Today I plan some gardening, because of the glorious weather and also some baking because my youngest asked to do that today. Otherwise nothing much planned. Happy birthday today to Planet Thanet. Have a good one. And everyone else, have a great day.
  19. Morning all! It's a little fresh out there today. Even 9.3c feels a little chilly in that wind. Sorry to see Snowlady has gone, she was a great support when my daughter was going into hospital, but I hope she will return when she is ready. CK glad your good lady had the right results. Lets hope Charlton have the right results tomorrow too. I have a quiet weekend. Nothing much planned so may do a bit of spring cleaning. Oh deep joy.
  20. Morning all! It's cloudy here today. But warm. 9.9c Happy Birthday today to NorthNorfolkWeather, I hope you have a smashing day. Today I have the Sky man coming. That is all. Have a good day everyone! Speak of the devil....teehee
  21. Morning all! It's frosssssty! 2.4c and a clear sky. Three birthdays today. So happy birthday to Scrat, Shotski and Masked_Firefly. Hope you all have a great day! Today is shopping day. That is all. Wish I was doing drawings instead. Have a good day everyone.
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