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  1. Lucky few up north from me catching the remaining snow showers. Decent covering from these as they slow moving. Still a good few to come aswell. Nothing for me, bar a little flurry.
  2. I don't know, been a fair bit of moaning in here the past couple of days... But glad most got to see decent snow at last lol
  3. Will be interesting to see how long these showers feed in through the rest of today and into the evening. They expected to fizzle out tonight. Waiting for the next round of showers to push after a lull.
  4. Very heavy snow here in Newton Aycliffe. Just had thundersnow too PXL_20210210_105010214.mp4
  5. Sure this thread is full of the unluckiest people in the NE Snow showers do look that they becoming more numerous. That area to the north slowly pushing southwards now. If you get to drive around, everywhere seems pretty white and i have encountered lots of hail/snow showers both yesterday and today. These shower scenario always leave some disappointed unfortunately. Hopefully your turn tonight
  6. Sorry but that meh has some beefy showers. Snowing again here and has been most of today. The meh bit is between those two areas which you seem to be under. Another warning issued for Thursday into Friday for more snow showers... Those showers over S Scotland will head our way overnight, so sure you will see something lol
  7. Plenty of heavy snow showers all morning here in Newton Aycliffe, good covering now too. Was in Seaburn this morning, proper bitter in that wind with a couple of hail/snow showers. A690 and on to A1 at Durham, got caught in a big hail then snow shower. I appreciate that some aren't getting much, but there plenty around the NE at the moment.
  8. This zone has been where the disappointment lies, showers lighter and fewer. Tuesday night we see a better set up as the wind turns more northeasterly and a convergence zone moves through our region, basically the one thats in southern Scotland now.
  9. Yes alot of hail showers, can't deny that... But plenty snow showers also. I have been out most of the day on the roads and was in Walker (Newcastle) late morning and had a few very heavy snow showers, then whiteout conditions on the A1 between Chester-le-street and Durham. Accumulations varied a lot from one place to another and snow melt today was more than i would of thought despite low temps and sub zero dew points. I feel the strength of wind has meant showers have blown through quickly today. Meaning less falling to the ground in the space of time perhaps.
  10. The thing is, some places are seeing decent snow showers and frequent ones where they have aligned. Obviously for some like yourself and to some extent myself, the showers just aren't falling right at the moment... Just one of those things unfortunately.
  11. All quiet here snow wise, had a few heavy snow/hail showers just before dusk that turned everything white again. These tram lines just missing me currently.
  12. Today has been painful waiting for the snow showers to intensify. They are doing that now, evident over the past few hours...
  13. The snow flurries continue (grauple flurries) I'm happy with today, yes not the heavy snow showers we wish for... But THIS HAS JUST STARTED, we have days ahead of cold and snowy weather. Some 72 hours of potential, so lets not get to hung up on the first 6 hours of this morning from 6am
  14. Snow flurries this morning. Hopeful of these snow showers becoming heavier over the next 24-48 hours.
  15. Thought more snow would have been evident by now to be honest. Still mostly rain here. Temp now 2.1°c
  16. Temperature just not really falling much at the moment here. Been between 2.4 and 3c for the past 3 hours or so, going up and down in that range.
  17. Rain turning sleety here, some flakes mixed in and temperature falling again after a being steady for a couple of hours
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