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  1. Is Everything Getting Smaller?

    Sure hula hoops are smaller, can't fit them on my fingers these days!
  2. Pennines doing there job today to keeping the showers from getting to the east, however... this wind is really doing my head in at the moment!
  3. Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Can't believe how big my hollyhocks have got...
  4. Best day we have had in a long time, long sunny spells and feeling warm in the sunshine after a rather chilly start.
  5. August 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    17.c please for me
  6. DocMix 1996

    I watched this live when it was broadcast, was amazing and some proper goose bump moments
  7. DocMix 1996

    Just listened to this mix and yes it is a good one. cheers
  8. Rather more in the way of rain today than forecast. Especially the closer you were to east coast.
  9. I only heard two rumbles of thunder from that yesterday evening.
  10. Another dissapointing day here today, pretty wet this morning then plenty of heavy showers this afternoon into this evening. at least it was still on the warm side.
  11. Tipping it down here in aycliffe, few flashes of lightning too
  12. Unexpected storm developing to my west, just seen lightning and few rumbles of thunder
  13. Yes looks like north yorkshire got a pasting this evening.
  14. Some big clouds just to my south, plus just heard rumble of thunder.
  15. yes, to remove areas not considered at risk now. otherwise just the same