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  1. Im at preston farm, near ingleby barwick and suprised how cold and snowy it is here. Was frosty and -3.5c this morning at mine. -4.c and covered in snow here...
  2. Weather warning for snow/ice this evening and overnight... Sure @Summer Sun will post details as im at work lol. Higher ground more favourable. Interesting night ahead radar watching again. Surely this time @NickR got my fingers crossed
  3. Thats cold, prob just -3 or -4 by morning expected here... Would be lower if we had snow cover.
  4. Jees surely life aint that bad mate. You love it really
  5. Well glad that some got to see snow today in the northeast, more so those lucky ones this evening. Still a few showers around the teeside area, still heavy in places. May see a feed of more wintry showers monday evening/night. Nothing here in aycliffe but frost.
  6. Looks like staying on the cold side all week now with night frost likely most nights...
  7. That snow shower over Aycliffe pretty much fizzled out just over my house so no dusting here just very light snow in the end.
  8. That shower near hartlepool looks very intense and grew rapidly as it approached land
  9. Finally, it has started to snow
  10. I'm sitting here hoping that shower just to the NE of me will make it. Should know in about 10 minutes
  11. That makes sense to me, thanks for that.
  12. I am down ingleby barwick and can confirm it was hailstones. They were bouncing of my head. Gave a slight dusting too. Just very light pellets falling now.
  13. Snow flurries coming in off the north sea down teeside and hartlepool area just now. Seen a few flakes while travelling to work along a66 to ingleby barwick. The main area of snow affecting areas further south than expected at such short notice inc london.
  14. My final hopes off snow here sunday have been dashed this morning. Will be lucky to get a few flakes blowing in wind.
  15. 18z gfs has low and snow further south again, misses us completely apart from some showers from north sea.