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  1. First real snow event of the winter across N UK - just as winter comes to an end this week ? Will be interesting to see what happens in the morning- A real wintry mix with huge variations from one place to another. Likely rain/sleet turning to snow for a few hours then back to rain at lower levels. I think above 100m more chance of a good snow fall and above 200m for decent accumulations and snow throughout? Thoughts anyone??
  2. Been a while for me since i last had a browse in here. Anything new? everyone okay? Looking forward to a return to summer, some very warm weather Sat-Mon.... slightly cooler along east coast
  3. Same here, heavy snow with a covering on all surfaces. Stopped now.
  4. Me too. Rain is turning to snow down to around 250m but unlikely to see much to low levels now Maybe any showers later today once cold air digs in but these mainly to the west
  5. Heavy rain in Aycliffe currently showing signs of turning a little sleety.
  6. Despite the mild temps, lack of sun with mostly cloudy skies has restricted the pleasant feel of things. more sunshine over the next few days should help the temps rise a little further, so should feel milder. high pressure looks to sit around or be close to the uk for the remainder of February.
  7. Yes a bit wild last night, was woken by the wind and rain lashing against window. Still windy here but showers seem to have eased. Looking more settled next week but a lot of cloud likely and mildish... rather boring imo.
  8. Right on cue, both 0z and 12z showing some interest for things to become more blocked and perhaps colder next week
  9. So the snow is a melting and as some have mentioned less cold over the coming days, Next week will feel milder compared to late but not as mild as further south. Still the chance of some colder nights this coming week depending on cloud cover. One thing to watch in the models is a trend to blocking to develop once more from next weekend, So potential for this less cold/mild period to be rather short lived. Expect some interesting charts to show there hands by wednesday onwards, as ever not certain but some support for cold to return w/c 11th...
  10. So that is it then for most of us for at least the next 7-10 days. Less cold next week with maybe some short lived sleet/snow overnight Sunday into monday. Very cold again tonight mind. Will the models show some interest in the coming days???
  11. These will become increasing focused across NY Moors and East Anglia today, Esp after midday. Shame really the wind wasn't more of a NNE/NE'ly as they look pretty decent today.
  12. Mentioned before it looked less active out in N sea. Think it will die down after midnight then pick up tomorrow morning but a more N - S flow to showers down the east.
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