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  1. Whilst driving back from work you could clearly see consett hills and surrounding areas covered in snow. Been a fun morning, but for majority it has been a wintry mix, wet and cold. Some decent sunny spells now.
  2. Not surprised to see pics of snow this morning. Only sleet here but some big flakes. Stanly and consett look badly affected.
  3. Absoloutly chucking it down here in the past 20 minutes.... With rain. Certainly felt much colder late this afternoon out and about. Some wintryness for many during tomorrow morning.
  4. Give it another month mate lol Next weekend certainly feeling cold, but not much snow apart from high ground and maybe low ground during night period
  5. Real chill in the air today. might have the first widespread frost of the season coming up this week? won't last long once the sun rises.
  6. Not for all, many places north of bishop auckland/ durham area had a rather wet day. Still some late evening heavy showers around too.
  7. Can here the rumbles now from the approaching storms to my SE.
  8. Can safely say looknorth forecast from above for today 5pm is a bust, as i alluded to. Pfft! Still distant thunder to my east.
  9. Has been threatening for a couple of hours and finally we see the showers develop inland now... Raining here and just heard a rumble of thunder
  10. Expect further convergence lines to develop across the northeast from now on. Further inland too. Watch this space... *could this be a line developing newcastle-durham-northallerton i see??
  11. Looking at the skies above, don't think it will be long before more thunderstorms develop.
  12. Paul mooney mentioned nothing for the heavy showers and thunderstorms parts of our region are having right now in yesterdays forecast. All the action is pretty much out of the met office warning area too. I give up lol