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  1. Level with on that, life can be manic sometimes... I am running my own business from scratch and it is very stressful, 7 day weeks and never stop. This place is my escapism... More than happy to catch up work and weather permitting
  2. They look to get going during monday so for now, probably won't amount to much... however this may change. Met warnings will change regularly over the weekend and beyond. Expect amber warnings Chance some where may see a red, if some models verify near +0 hrs!!!
  3. I am 90m asl, however altitude won't affect your snow chances this time... however, higher ground always gets more snow regardless most of the time
  4. Nothing wrong with lurking, sometimes it's best to sit in silence... the more opinionated you are the more likely you are to be shot down in here sometimes lol
  5. Point 1. not a bad thing, could indicate potential for more snow events due to warmer air bumping in to very cold are in stitu. Point 2. Some places on eastern faces of pennines could well manage that and drifts higher. As for twitter, no worries matey.
  6. Tricky one, with majority coming in the form of showers, where these align could produce large accumulations while others see much less.
  7. With this memorable cold spell nearly upon us... 1. would be nice to know peoples locations? 2. If you use twitter, would be great to follow everyone. 3. Take pictures, plenty pictures for everyone to see... More so to be smug and let the people who don't see snow look at what they missing lol. (less than 5% of population as it stands) 4. Obviously some people prefer to be more private on here, so no worries for those who want that My location: Newton Aycliffe Twitter: @NrthEastWeather
  8. Think that is cold, get yourself to consett midweek...
  9. I did expect met office to start issuing warnings today... Expect many more over the next few days.
  10. That was for me personally, obviously this could impact many people and the elderly which is also negative... Just want to add that to my comment above
  11. Only negative thing about this cold spell is the affect it will have on my business, can see jobs getting put back and trouble getting to site.
  12. Potentially yes, especially if the expected trough develops and crosses the region heading west... best keep an eye on the forecast sunday evening mate
  13. cracking charts again this evening, no let down in the depth of cold and more importantly the amount of snow looks to be increasing every run now... This is going to rival 2010 at this rate