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  1. That storm last night was a treat, lots of lightning and very close too with loud thunder and intense rainfall. Last a while too. Few more showers next couple of days then back to the heat and dryness.
  2. Yes, sun more hazy today but ironically it has felt warmer today... Long may it continue (we do need some rain though)
  3. doctor32

    Now that's what i call music!

    Yep, i thought that too... Sure they are the same or very similar to last years.
  4. doctor32

    Now that's what i call music!

    Nowadays these albums are crap... I admit, but back in the day when we only had radio, top of the pops and mtv (when it actually showed music videos) they were okay as an album in my opinion. Thing that gets my goat is all the ministry of sound albums these days, seems to be a new one every other week.
  5. Luckly i have escaped to the caravan in ripon again this weekend so managed to miss the cloud rolling in from the east as i left aycliffe. Glorious and sunny down here still but a strong breeze has took edge of temps. Still very nice sitting out on decking though
  6. No mist in aycliffe this morning when i went to work at 6.30... 2 miles into my journey to boro i encounted it though. Luckly it didnt stay around for long, slightly cooler today too. Still a cracking day though.
  7. a wet start to the day here, bit more water for the garden before the heatwave arrives next week
  8. Looks like this is on the table, could be the hottest spell of the summer so far. High pressure dominated, no easterly to spoil it for us this time around.
  9. hoping for some heat to arrive during the last week of June... we miss out this week.
  10. Hopefully get to see a storm before i go to centre parks on monday. Been decent here in aycliffe past few days and warm in sun, a cool down likely next week for most apart from the east coast... just normal june affair.
  11. Bloody typical, the week i decide to go to centre parks in Penrith is the week the east becomes warmer than the west!!!
  12. Some storms with torrential downpours have developed between consett and prudhoe, extending to stanley and chester-le-street. also had some heavy rain here in aycliffe too.
  13. Very tricky by the looks of it, a line of storms expected to develop, but where this sets up is anyones guess. Also a more organised area of heavy and thundery rain should move up over eastern coastal areas later. I am hoping to see something tomorrow
  14. very warm and humid today, a very brief shower this evening too. some storms may make it east of the pennines later tomorrow evening