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  1. Didn't expect it to be snowing to be fair.

  2. Is it Spring already? One like's the weather today.

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    2. D.V.R


      It's nice and sunny here but freezing in the wind. Good to get some vitamin D at least.

    3. Bottesford


      Just about made it to 0c over here on the continent after -6c last night. No spring here yet although plenty of sun about at least!

    4. Eugene


      Not spring here either Bottesford, very frosty start and turning frosty now, dr astro must live in cloud cuckoo land

  3. Prices are stabilising now, pretty sure it's hit the lowest. Prices are back up today.
  4. Anyone else just looking forward to Spring ?

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    2. karyo
    3. Eugene


      Yes i'm looking forward to a cold spring

    4. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      Apart from 1996 and 2013 cold springs have become as rare as hens teeth since the turn of 't 1990s.

  5. Yes, well said. Some are picking up on a potential breakdown, albeit the ens don't really agree. I would try to focus on getting the cold in place first though, before looking for the end on charts 10 days away.
  6. Great Pictures PM, looks lovely. I'm sure I have walked through there with the dog.
  7. Ah Jo, it will come ! It's not often these features come along, but I can imagine even people at the Met Office were quite excited about it ? For me, it's the best kind that can happen, as it's such a now-cast and can go literally anywhere. A Major For forecasters, but i'm sure they love it. TEITS - Good job, same track as I had it, NW England, through the middle and down the SE. Was very surprised it got to the SE mind.
  8. I went to bed and you were moaning about it not being a Polar Low... I wake up, your still moaning about it not being a Polar Low. If something so insignificant peed you off so badly, and were all pathetic for getting "suckered" by the hype, then maybe you are right. Some of us actually got quite a dumping from it, thanks ! Anyways, just like to say what a great thread it was last night, lots of interest, nearly 2000 people were on the forum, Server Overload! Lets hope we see another, "Polar Low" sometime soon !
  9. Snowing already at some coastal areas of NW England. Good sign for everyone else.
  10. Ha! You first ? Irish Sea... Via Peak District... Towards SE ! Heavy snow for those East of Manchester... If you look at the latest NW Radar, you can see the streamer running through the Peaks... Thats my track.
  11. OK, we get it, you don't think it's a Polar Low besides the professionals calling it one. P.S - Polar Lows can deliver rain, or snow. It's currently snowing on it's Eastern Flank in Scotland.
  12. Me either. Can see maybe 70-75mph gusts... Roger - which mesoscale charts are you referring to.
  13. Tweet from Matt Hugo with Radar... https://twitter.com/matthugo81/status/560883249678155776 Said earlier.. Peak District will do great out of this. * Very Heavy *
  14. A YELLOW FLASH warning of Snow has been issued for parts of Northern Ireland. A polar low has developed near Scoland and is expected to track over eastern areas of NI this evening, this was unexpected hence a flash warning has been issued. This is likely to bring an area of snow for Co Antrim and Co Down, which could be heavy. Accumulations of 2 - 5 cm are likely in a short space of time and accumulations of up to 10cm locally and over the hills.
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