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  1. The GFS, UKMO & GEM all look incredible and one poor EC run doesn't change that. If you take emotion out of it, you'd have your money on the majority of models being correct. I'd genuinely be amazed if everything went smoothly.
  2. Hope we can have a nice little taster in the short term. 6AM Tues:
  3. I think we're in a rare situation where downgrades aren't really downgrades. I know technically you're right but it sounds worst than it is. With the incredible charts we're seeing atm, there's very little room for upgrades but plenty in the opposite direction. I love when there's room for error because even a watered down version would deliver the goods.
  4. Precip charts at +72 hours - "Useful as a chocolate teapot!" FI la la land charts +384 hours - "OMG we can dream!"
  5. Yes mate, it's lovely to see upgrades in the short term for a change. Fingers crossed much of the region is on the right side of marginal on Tuesday. Looks like there could be some decent PPN about. I just hope we see some consistency now... I've had enough of the rollercoaster lol.
  6. Excuse my ignorance but all those precipitation charts you posted look poor for the bulk of England and Wales. I'm guessing the excitement this morning is for what may come after next week? Edit: Not trying to put a dampener on the thread, I'm loving the positivity this morning. Just was expecting a little more after reading through the posts this morning.
  7. January blues and this mornings downgrades are not a good combo
  8. Obviously these type of charts will change right up until +24... but I like that's it's showing potential for snow in the far South West. If it can snow there, it can snow anywhere
  9. Apologies in advanced for the newbie question: If the lobe over Canada does reach the UK, what weather would that bring? Or is that impossible to answer?
  10. That's the good thing about having low expectations. I'm honestly not fussed about having a once in a generation winter. I couldn't care less about the records / numbers in the slightest to be honest. Snow is snow in my book and I think we all have a decent chance of seeing some soon.