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  1. See - Rain God!!! Someone has managed to re-book the Falkirk snow machine.
  2. Hmm wet snow falling here, ground is sodden so little chance of it lying I would say. Daughter jumping around in excitement nonetheless.
  3. HC I think you might be a bit like the lorry driver in Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (Rob McKenna) and actually be a rain God but you just don't know.
  4. Staggered out for a walk today (still suffering with Labyrinthitis and have the added joy of extreme anaemia and vitamin D Deficiency - Scottish curse - popping 8 pills a day so sound like a marracca when I move). The air was balmy, birds very busy and crocuses poking their heads up. It was beautiful. Now itching to get up north in the camper though will have to wait until I'm safe to drive.
  5. Feeling miserable here in Falkirk. Glorious weather all weekend, kids off school and I have Labyrinthitis. Can't get out of bed for feeling dizzy and sick, eaten nothing but a few strawberries since Friday. Can't even read my book which is pure torture for me. Glum, glum, glum.
  6. Snowing here. Mr Snowidea off doing Falkirk ultra-marathon - fool. I'm sitting toasty inside with the kids hoping we might get some snow fun before it all goes again. Edit - looks like rain now
  7. Cracking day here in Falkirk, cold, crisp and sunny.
  8. Can't like anyone's posts as when I try getting scam pop ups and redirections. I've emailed the contact but if anyone else is getting these might be a good idea for them to report issue too. Google tells me it's some dodgy code on the website possibly from an ad.
  9. Well there's a surprise - Snaw Falkirk sorry @101_North
  10. I'm pretty sure I've just seen a flake (just the one) in Falkirk
  11. -5 here in Falkirk according to the car. Had to scrape window for drive home after just 2 hours of car being parked while I was at pottery class. My sister down in sunny Cornwall is stranded somewhere near Bodmin (she lives in the back of beyond) while my poor old mum is worried sick in snow free St Ives.
  12. Being Cornish I am jealous it's a very rare occasion my mum gets to trump me in the weather stakes. May have to forget to ring her tonight. Also 1cm of snow is enough to bring the county to a halt.
  13. Not snow related but is anyone else getting page redirections (the scam types that say you have a virus or have won a prize) when using this forum on a mobile? It's happened to me a few times this week.
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