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  1. Been mostly grey over here in NI probably similar to home in Scotland. Went to Newgrange (1st photo) in the South yesterday, it was awesome, one of the most amazing places I've ever visited. It's older than the pyramids. Silent valley today (2nd photo) weather and views very Scottish.
  2. Not too bad over here in NI today, the area is weirdly like a combination of the Cornwall I grew up in (before it was Cath Kidston and Boden'd to death) and Scotland (though not a wild or beautiful). Having a nice break though, cottage lovely, lambs outside the window and kids playing around on assorted bikes. Son keeps moaning about the cold water not being properly cold lol, know what he means though. Pic of the neighbours.
  3. Broken shock and wheel bearing gone. Bearing under warranty though so only need to pay for shock hopefully. Not being fixed until next week. Gave Cornwall a miss but made it to Ireland in our 22 year old Ford Freda. We're in Northern Ireland, kilkeel, It's foggy. Enjoy Islay
  4. South west Scotland or further? We're currently trying to decide whether to take off for a week from Sat but haven't yet decided or booked due to an ominous rumble the car is kindly making. In garage today for a diagnosis. If fixed or at least OK to drive might head to Ireland though I will be making a last minute bid for Cornwall (so I can see my mum). If car terminal will either be heading north in ancient camper or staying at home.
  5. Snow and sleet on and off all day, now starting to settle on grass and cars. Been to see my mother in law who has Alzheimer's, she wished me a merry Xmas, possibly not far off.
  6. Lovely here near Falkland, proper camping weather. Brrrrrrr
  7. Well we've decided to ignore the cold and dank weather and take the kids camping on Saturday anyway. Have booked a night at Pillars of Hercules near Falkland (groovy name, its an organic farm and campsite). Wood for campfire - tick, 4 season sleeping bag for Mr Snow idea - tick (he sleeps in the roof if our bijou van while me and the kids squash together downstairs, tight but toasty). Real ale - tick, Edinburgh gin (rhubarb and ginger) - tick. Just need to make some soup, pack the van and find my wellies. Yipee. Photo below van on Skye in warmer times.
  8. Found some snow hanging in there on the trails behind the house yesterday. Lovely day again today sadly spoiled by having to take youngest to a&e following a trampoline accident (she's fine just a bad sprain) then having to work from home which I hate.
  9. Beautiful day today, itching to get the camper out on the road and up north before the midges descend.
  10. Looks like a beautiful morning here. I love snow, just love it but i'd quite like spring now. I want to go camping and not in an igloo
  11. Live from Bo'ness leisure centre (kids swimming lessons though why on earth I agreed to 9.00 start on a Saturday I'll never know) and a few flakes fluttering down outside.
  12. Nothing here overnight. It felt very cold yesterday though, hubby and I had a sneaky day off work (without the kids) and went for a walk around the trails behind the house in the afternoon. Still some quiet deep snow patches in places. It was grey and cold but I quite enjoyed having a stomp without having to constantly chant "keep up", "mind the dog poo" "put down that stick, no put it down you'll have your brother's eye out" "who hit who" "what's wrong with your leg now" "are you OK, I told you to put down the stick, now see what's happened" and on and on.......
  13. Apologies for quality of the snap. Here's our hardy snow pile still hanging on in there being closely monitored by Harris the cat (aka The Ginger Whinger).
  14. Just logged in to brag that I still have the remains of a snow pile in my garden and now I find we might have more? Don't know whether to be pleased or blasé.