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  1. I've been thinking that, could we all tag him and ask him to come back. @More Snow we miss you
  2. My three favourite 2010 photos, thigh deep in the garden for my then 3 year old, kids playhouse totally buried and Mr Snowidea trying to knock some snow off the conservatory roof after one of our neighbour's conservatory roof imploded from the weight of snow.
  3. Not a flake here overnight as far as I can tell, just rain. Beautiful morning though.
  4. 6cm will do me just fine. Actually that sounds wrong
  5. Only been able to dip in for an occasional nosy this week as have been horribly busy with work and kids stuff. Then in between the trip between the swimming pool and pottery today phone won't mental with snow warnings. Fab winter so far. Hope @Hawesy gets some white stuff this weekend.
  6. Pretty good covering here, haven't measured but I'd say about 4 to 5 cm on the bins out back.
  7. Just had a wet-ish sprinkling here.
  8. Met office warning out but the actual forecast for Falkirk appears to be rain or sleet at most. Will see what tomorrow brings
  9. Chucking it down here. OH running an ultra marathon in Callendar Park tomorrow (fool) just checked weather for him, to be wet all day. Mud fest likely
  10. Chucking it down here, this has really been an exceptionally good winter so far.
  11. Stole this amazing photo of cars queuing over Rannoch Moor from Facebook
  12. For me it's because I'm Cornish so didn't see much of it while I was growing up. Oh and it's a bit "wild," if that makes sense. Wild as in wilderness not as in two bottles of wine and dancing on the table. Not that there's anything wrong with wine... Or table dancing.... Apart from when you fall off.
  13. I was just thinking that. Radar seems to show the snow further north at the moment.
  14. Off again here but roads all have a fresh covering. Traveling to Edinburgh 9.00 to 9.30 think as long as I make it safely out of the estate I should be OK though a colleague who lives on my roads has just made it in to work and she said parts of the M9 had snow cover.
  15. Amber warning out. We're just outside the Amber area but it's snowing quite heavily at the moment.