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  1. Wet, wet, wet here in Falkirk. Have had a pretty good summer though. Munros bagged so far 3 for me and the kids 4 for Mr Snowidea, boat trip to see the Corryvrekan (just awesome) and hoping to do the chain walk at Elie some time this week. The last two hills were up at Drumochter, quite an easy climb but depressing to see the state of the hills, landrover tracks all over, bare heather, not even any braken and great big scars visible.
  2. Last day in Glencoe today, has been a fab little trip. Loads of walks and kids bagged their 7th Munro Buachaille Etive Beag Stob Dubh (they did Stob Coire Raineach a few years ago). I'm still sore today. Weather's been mixed and hardly seen a midge.
  3. Loads of rain today, very little wind and bizarrely pretty much midge free.
  4. We're up in a cottage in Glencoe, it's damp but beautiful (as ever).
  5. Well, we might not be going to France this year, but currently feels like France has come to us. Flipping hot ?
  6. Need to do some catch up post reading, been a bit busy this week. Hope everyone is well. Saw this little fellow on our daily walk yesterday.
  7. Wondering if I've accidentally transported my house to South West France. Toasty.
  8. Still pretty good here, starting to wonder if the Earth has moved off kilter and Falkirk has ended up somewhere dry and sunny (though not roasting) ?. Saw this big boy on my walk today.
  9. Hot, sunny, beautiful. Mr Snowidea proving irresistible to some dribbly steers, despite his lockdown stubble.
  10. Lovely this morning for our walk but clouding over just now. Some fantastic photos on here, just had a good catch up. Blue sky and golden gorse, who'd live anywhere else when the weather's like this. Moonlight from the garden last night.
  11. True and Scotland is such a beautiful country, perfect for a tent with a stove. Another glorious morning here, sun shining and birds singing. Have a good day everyone.
  12. Weather has been pretty much just lovely. We can see the hills taunting us from across the forth valley when we go off on our daily stomp. Mr Snowidea is in bits, tearfully looking at his "hills to do" list which isn't getting any shorter. We even splashed out on a new tent (a Robens with a hole for a flue so we can have an in-tent wood burner ?) which is now sitting in a cupboard taunting us. Campervan is also sulking in the sun.
  13. Taken during this evening's walk, rain stayed to the south of us.
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