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  1. Slightly shocked when I looked out of the window this morning. That'll teach me to take my eye of the weather.
  2. Fires on here but still 6 degrees according to the car. Not expecting any snow locally, worrying about all those poor lambs. These guys are in the fields behind the house. Now off to scroll back through all the posts as have been awol for a few weeks.
  3. Been mostly meh this week, lovely today though even walked without a coat. The pup is growing fast, Mr Snowidea quite impressed as Fergus seems to attract the attention of quite a few lady dog walkers. He's not keen to hand over the lead to anyone else much to the kids' disgust. 🤣😂🤣
  4. Quite heavy snow here just now, small flakes but lots of them.
  5. Mr Snowidea went sledging with the kids while I was stuck in my office (our bedroom) on a very tedious and boring Teams call. I was green with envy.
  6. No idea what the temperature is here as the car won't start (doesn't like the cold), the campers in the garage and I don't have a weather station. Mr Snowidea has just returned from a round trip 4 mile walk with essentials (wine) from the supermarket. Puppy liking the snow. @Blitzen I hope you're OK.
  7. Mr Snowidea taking to the garden in his PJs to save the conservatory roof.
  8. Just tried to take the kids sledging. It's too deep for sledging 😱
  9. We've got 14cm so far as measured on top of the blue bin. I'll get a photo when there's a bit more light.
  10. Whoo hoo happy to live in Falkirk, also happy I drove the ancient camper to the garage earlier and didn't wait until tomorrow.
  11. As a couple of fellow Falkirk dwellers have already said, we caught a few heavy showers this morning and now have a covering. Managed to get a shot of snowflakes falling against a rising sun early on, not bad for a phone camera.
  12. Nothing much to write home about here this morning, a bit of a crunchy dusting but no sledging today. Ancient campervan due in for its MOT on Wednesday, now have to decide if I call my mechanic and ask to drop it off early today or risk driving the thing down on Wednesday through possible (hopefully) heavier white stuff. It's rear wheel drive and never tried it in the snow.
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