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  1. In Cornwall we call swede turnip, oh and cauliflower is called broccoli
  2. Grey, grey, grey dull and grey here in Falkirk. Back to work tomorrow after two weeks off so the weather sums up my mood. Also it's my last full week in my 40s (sob sob) and Mr Snowidea is getting twitchy as he's not bought me a birthday pressie yet. Hoping to head up Glencoe-wards next weekend so will see some snow even if it's the man made stuff for sledging on Glencoe mountain. Hopefully we'll get some proper weather soon.
  3. Chilly today so we decided to drag the kids out for a good stomp. -5 on the car temperature gauge en route to Ben A'an. Ben A'an very busy but great to see all ages (from 3 to 80 or more) out enjoying the hill. I've discovered I'm even more unfit than I thought (boo boo) was overtaken by several 4 year old, but still thoroughly enjoyed the day.
  4. T-shirt weather down here in Cornwall
  5. Merry Christmas from a balmy but slightly grey, St Ives.
  6. Drizzly, grey and weirdly warm down here in Cornwall. 11/12 degrees today, not used to this anymore. Hubby sulking as he's missing his crisp Scottish weather (oh and he was also forced to go to a pantomime this evening).
  7. Morning, that's me broken up for Crimbo, yeehaa! Setting off for Cornwall on Friday, intending to take part in the boxing day sea dip so hoping the sea temperature won't be too brutal. No chance of snow for me but will check in to see how you're all faring up here. Merry Xmas to all, have a great one
  8. In the words of @More Snow "snaw" . First flakes of the winter for me.
  9. Just traditional wet rain/mizzle here in Falkirk at the moment.
  10. I got in my car and it refused to start. It's meant to be driving us down to Cornwall on Friday and garage can't look at it until Wednesday. Not panicking at all.
  11. Work Xmas party for me tomorrow (groan) some snow would be welcome for Saturday. A good excuse to laze around nursing my head.
  12. Fingers crossed for some snow, if only to give me a reason to move from the news channel to the weather.
  13. Chilly day here today but had a cracking sunrise this morning
  14. "A Thunderous Blizzard slams into mountainside hut" rofl