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  1. I second this, my two youngest are 11 & 12 and I'm already reminiscing about Christmases past when they believed in Santa
  2. Cracking day in Glencoe, spent the night in a hobbit hut then walked up the Lairig Eilde today. Very proud of my youngest who slipped on an ice covered stepping stone at the first river crossing, ended up with one leg in the river but still managed a four hour walk with a wet leg and her dad's spare sock.
  3. Walking on the lawn in my back garden is rather like walking on a water bed. Are they still a thing I wonder?
  4. We're just back from a week in my homeland (Cornwall). Mostly mixed weather with a fair bit of sun. Had a good giggle at the various clothing choices. The winning prize went to a man in shorts and flip flops topped off with a down puffer jacket and a woolly hat (though it was a close call with a sock and sandal chap in second place). I'm a compulsive flip flop wearer myself but never, ever with a woolley hat (that's just wrong) and most definitely never, ever, ever with socks . It's noticeably cooler and crisper up here so am now retiring my flip flops until Spring. Some pics of my favorite Cornish places.
  5. Wet, wet, wet, cats sulking, I'm sulking and it's work tomorrow.
  6. Dollar Glen, Castle Campbell and then some Japanese Gardens for us yesterday. Not so nice today.
  7. Signing in, in preparation for the winter. A bit dull and overcast here in Falkirk today but we've had a few cracking days over the last few weeks. Picked a bumper crop of Blackberries and made jam (for the first time ever). Hoping the winter weather will be a welcome distraction from the chaos/madness that is Brexit.
  8. We're in South West France, in a tent, under the red bit.
  9. Today's life lesson, never wear flip flops in Scotland, not even in May. Cowered in the car in Tesco for 20 mins avoiding the hailstones.
  10. See - Rain God!!! Someone has managed to re-book the Falkirk snow machine.
  11. Hmm wet snow falling here, ground is sodden so little chance of it lying I would say. Daughter jumping around in excitement nonetheless.
  12. HC I think you might be a bit like the lorry driver in Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (Rob McKenna) and actually be a rain God but you just don't know.
  13. Staggered out for a walk today (still suffering with Labyrinthitis and have the added joy of extreme anaemia and vitamin D Deficiency - Scottish curse - popping 8 pills a day so sound like a marracca when I move). The air was balmy, birds very busy and crocuses poking their heads up. It was beautiful. Now itching to get up north in the camper though will have to wait until I'm safe to drive.
  14. Feeling miserable here in Falkirk. Glorious weather all weekend, kids off school and I have Labyrinthitis. Can't get out of bed for feeling dizzy and sick, eaten nothing but a few strawberries since Friday. Can't even read my book which is pure torture for me. Glum, glum, glum.
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