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  1. Cracking weather today, just right for a walk (and cycle for the kids) round the local trails.
  2. No offence taken. I love Cornwall but I love Scotland too. Looking forward to your Snaw posts
  3. Oy More Snow watch it that's my homeland you're disparaging. We might only get snow once every decade and have mild mizzle filled winters but no one can do stormy seas quite as well as us.
  4. I can confidently predict a very cold, very snowy winter. Our boiler has just given up the ghost and the last time it died was 2010. Thank goodness for British Gas cover, engineer arriving tomorrow.
  5. Pendeen, proper Cornwall then, none of this north Cornwall close to (whisper) Devon rubbish. Commuting between Cornwall and Scotland you'll have to make sure you don't get the lingo mixed up. No "Och Aye, me ansum, gis a haggis pasty". We're heading down for Christmas so for once I'll be hoping for a mild December to avoid travel problems.
  6. Which bit of Cornwall are you in? I'm a Cornish lass (if I can still be a lass at my age). Born in St Ives. You'll have had a cracking summer.
  7. First windscreen scrape of the year Sat morning after a last minute trip to Glencoe. Weather was perfect, cold, clear, sunny and midge free.
  8. Left work early and working from home. Drive from Edinburgh to Falkirk wasn't too bad but quite wet. Seems quite windy here just now but I've definitely seen it worse. Anyone know what time it's meant to peak?
  9. Loads of berries around at the moment. Think these might even be wild greengages.
  10. Keep thinking I'm going to wake up, look outside and see grey skys, clouds, rain, mud oh and Bobby will be in the shower. Joking aside, just glorious but worried for the farmers.
  11. Cor blimy rare summer post from me, scorching!! Poor OH had four days in Skye, to attempt a Cuillin traverse, last week. The wet, windy and overcast week. The week sandwiched between all this glorious sun. Lol it was his 50th birthday present. Kids and myself broken up now for seven lovely weeks, off to France soon - not sure why we're bothering given the weather here but at least France will be midge free. Happy summer all.
  12. Just popping in outside snow season, absolutely blooming glorious weather, for weeks, weeks!!! what's going on?
  13. Been mostly grey over here in NI probably similar to home in Scotland. Went to Newgrange (1st photo) in the South yesterday, it was awesome, one of the most amazing places I've ever visited. It's older than the pyramids. Silent valley today (2nd photo) weather and views very Scottish.
  14. Not too bad over here in NI today, the area is weirdly like a combination of the Cornwall I grew up in (before it was Cath Kidston and Boden'd to death) and Scotland (though not a wild or beautiful). Having a nice break though, cottage lovely, lambs outside the window and kids playing around on assorted bikes. Son keeps moaning about the cold water not being properly cold lol, know what he means though. Pic of the neighbours.
  15. Broken shock and wheel bearing gone. Bearing under warranty though so only need to pay for shock hopefully. Not being fixed until next week. Gave Cornwall a miss but made it to Ireland in our 22 year old Ford Freda. We're in Northern Ireland, kilkeel, It's foggy. Enjoy Islay