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  1. Light snow falling - pleasant surprise
  2. Morning all - slight covering overnight and medium snow falling now turning heavier. Some beefy showers on the radar as well still no real wind to speak of
  3. Good covering here after latest heavy shower passed through sky looks full of it and hardly a breathe of wind
  4. i see an upgrade to an amber warning for Tuesday am - Lincs Wolds look good but anywhere could get a decent covering - gonna be bitter cold though whatever
  5. BBC online forecast is a waste of time - hardly ever correct
  6. Potentially going to be a very snowy period not seen for many a year and bitter cold
  7. Could it be our turn from the weekend
  8. Dusting over night - now light Snow falling in Billingborough
  9. frost all gone here - still light and no chance of settling as now too wet.
  10. Light snow now falling in Swaton Sleaford
  11. Weather warning now changed to heavy rain and dropped any snow event - lets see
  12. lets hope so Delka but very marginal i would say - be nice ot see if just for a couple of hours
  13. Looks marginal for tomorrow night / Wednesday- again will miss out as too far south or North depending on which view you take
  14. Strange weather here just now as walking back home - light snow but not a cloud in the sky - stars all around. Weird
  15. light rain now - a slushy mess ensuing