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  1. Looks marginal for tomorrow night / Wednesday- again will miss out as too far south or North depending on which view you take
  2. Strange weather here just now as walking back home - light snow but not a cloud in the sky - stars all around. Weird
  3. light rain now - a slushy mess ensuing
  4. Light snow here with perhaps 2cm only - will the band pivot or not
  5. Sunday starting to look very interesting for our region
  6. Yes a forgotten area that can fit into some areas but never really considered - especially Lincs and Cambs. Weekend looks interesting depending on which forecast your read. It appears we may be on the edge of the fun but a small shift could bring a covering or absolutely nothing but for one thing its going to be cold.
  7. almost stopped here - sky looks brighter as well more to come ??
  8. same here LO - didnt think it would cover but the intensity is so fast with huge flakes it covered very quick
  9. just started here as well Swaton NG34 - nice and steady but will struggle to settle as too wet edit - huge flakes, moderate to heavy and now covering quickly
  10. OMG - its snowing Swaton near Sleaford Lincs
  11. Heavy rain now turned in to heavy snow - huge flakes