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  1. Excuse my lack of knowledge but what is CZ Precipitation?
  2. Minuscule upgrade for Wellesbourne south Warwickshire, snow now forecast between 8pm and 1am. This morning it was just 11pm to 1am.
  3. Hey Foz ?? if something can downgrade, it will around here. I was looking at the dew point the other night on the Wellesbourne airport weather site, much higher than what everyone else in the region was reporting. We are just too low with unfavourable geography it seems. ??‍♂️
  4. Love the big hole around Warwick, Stratford and Wellesbourne. Figures ??
  5. I wouldn't be surprised at 15cm if it keeps going like this for the next couple of hours
  6. Beast from the east? pah! you can't beat a bit of full frontal.....well in this area anyway! still heavy an 3-4 cm an hour I would say.
  7. Honestly guys the second wave of the band is great....temp down dew point up a bit...its a whiteout pretty much and accumulating really fast. Hope it gets to you but at the same time hope it stalls over me!
  8. Its coming everyones way by the look of the radar and its epic....have to work (at home) till 5.30 then its family pub walk and dinner...whoo hoo 18th December 2010 esque
  9. Really heavy !!!!! radar only shows light blue but its sheeting down and settling everywhere!!!!!!!! Best we've had all week! and temp has fallen to -1.6 now
  10. If its any consolation its not adding anything really...not taking hold on the pavement.
  11. Temp gone down a touch to -0.6 in the shower which is now moderate. Green blob 5 miles to my east lol
  12. It must all be blowing west. Seems like being to the west of any blobs by 5 miles is the key ..!
  13. -0.4 and its finally started picking up a bit. light to moderate
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