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  1. You keep saying the meridian but do you mean 20 degrees west (on gfs) or Greenwich? I think if you mean Greenwich then it really won't impact us.
  2. I don't know what the people are moaning about the American cold pool for, it is going to bring colder weather for me at least than what an easterly would bring. The 510 dam line actually makes it out past 50 west, eventually cold will reach here that will provide snow. The cold pool keeps getting upgraded with each run.
  3. Is it not just the same old nonsense every year though? I've yet to see those charts show below average temps.
  4. It lied at 1500 feet. I think it might differ for NI versus England.. Our cold and snow comes from the NW not the East. I am nearly sure its easier to get snow at christmas than easter since its coldest in December here. I can totally see where you are coming from but I think the people on the model thread need to be more broad in their discussion instead of only thinking of se england where the climate is quite a bit different. It definitely snows in November here. Bar last year most years have had first snow falling in November. Our NW position helps
  5. Why do people on this forum and other forums continue to insist that its too early for snow in November? It snowed in Northern Ireland last week to 1,000 feet its definitely not rare. Can't understand this phenomenon.
  6. I don't care what they say. They do not make the weather they forecast...
  7. Well its better than last year but can't understand the fuss. Cold is going into Russia area.
  8. Quite a cool day. It was 2c this morn I think it hasn't gotten above 5. 4.5c sunny
  9. Why? What difference does it make? If its going to be cold in November, its going to be cold. Yes I realise the sea might be a bit warmer but if the cold comes from the arctic or Scandinavia, it really will not matter.
  10. Ok so the 12z is better in that the the Polar vortex is aligned differently but now we have the problem of the cold air being pushed north. I think we should wait a few days for this to be resolved.. Can't seem to make its mind up.
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