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  1. GFS 6z still on track for tomorrow IMBY Apologies I was on the wrong day
  2. Low after low after low after ………………….according to the GFS6z
  3. For the Beeb to mention it , would suggest there is a possibility
  4. Just to get a block out East is a start IMO , we have a whole month to go through yet , Feb can be very cold
  5. Well I'm hoping Banbury is in a good location, the Fax certainly looks favourable
  6. Both are equally enjoyable with the odd scrap - quantity v quality - some very knowledgeable posters on both side
  7. You've never been to WHL to watch the boys ?? Surely your not a plastic fan ? Nothing wrong with TWO , it seems on both sides tonight ………...silly heads have been out in force
  8. I agree , the one thing is the MO have been constant , they are probably thinking its not if its when , and its taken a tad longer...…….I hope that's right anyhow
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