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  1. Needs to cool down considerably down here (S England) over the coming days to ensure any precipitation becomes what we want. Models are very interesting and in my view good watching currently, get the block/s in and the rest could evolve. Bumped into a Net weather enthusiast today locally which is a first, and we both discussed the past few years model watching and the great expertise on this forum. Let’s get this pattern locked and loaded 🤣 👍😎
  2. So the models for the past week that have been widely discussed on this thread have suggested a snow event in the south albeit marginal at times and also caution south coast for rain/sleet. From 18:00 it has been dumping snow in the west IOW with a continued forecast for rain until the early hours! I guess this evidences the immaturity of weather predictions within the immediate time frame of a potential event? I gain more informed forecasting from the well known frequent visitors of this forum than elsewhere ?
  3. Steve there Seems to be a potent storm tracking south on Sunday which is the dominant subject on the model thread - I recall similar lows taking a southerly track during our colder winters and causing problems as they stalled? And hung about for a bit. They should suck a load of cold air with them too. Any thoughts?
  4. I have been viewing the forum and taking it all in for 2 years now, mainly winter as I love the cold and snow, I am now attempting to join the debate so bare with me. This pattern at 240 Looks interesting, northerly? Dragging cold down to Northern Europe.
  5. Agree with we need a northerly to set in for a while and then (early mid December) the beast can arrive! Not quite getting the bit about the vortex and being loaded to "our side "if the hemisphere!?! Yes agree it's a nice looking split and a huge improvement on last year if it progresses, however we are so vulnerable to so many variables it's still too far out for me..
  6. Although I am keen to see this winter develop into a cold and snowy one I remain cautious, there are hints from reading posts and viewing models of November delivering something cold,however it's very much out of a reliable time frame (again). Last year gave continued false hope (say no more). The overall pattern is exciting though with lots of signals for potential Blocking, OPI a like.
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