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  1. Pretty good even here now. Some massive snowflakes in that last shower. No real settlement.
  2. I'm pretty sure they're working on it Anyway it IS very hard. Very hard indeed. And, of course, very difficult to predict in relation to every location.
  3. Or, maybe, the METO are, well, producing an independent forecast and using our tax payers money well.
  4. See, I don't think it was bitter. It was just colder than we've come to expect over a couple of mild years. And therein the problem. Even the last time we had some serious snow we had to wait for the cold sector to catch up to the warm one. So, even at 3 am (start of 2013) it was still pretty heavy rain. We haven't really had a good established cold leading to snow situation since the December of 2011.
  5. Back to rain? I'd be surprised if it turns to snow first here!
  6. Possibly. But MUCH later tonight. I can't see the commute being too badly affected. Precipitation remains very light.
  7. I don't think there's going to much getting stuck going on today.
  8. Yeah, it's stopped here again now. Sky does look "full of it" mind. I'm quite excited. I have snow tyres on the bike and am itching to see if they work!
  9. It's actually falling as snow about 1/2 mile up from the City Centre. Less heat effect. Lots of snow around apparently. Which bodes slightly better. Temps should, I hope, drop away soon. Depends how much there's a warm sector.
  10. I dunno. I cycle to work most days, Pencoed to Cardiff and back. So I get a good handle on what it feels like out there. To me, for S Wales area, it just feels too warm today and marginal. Needs a temp drop later or heavy precip.
  11. Nowt here. But that's to be expected. I can see the snowmen though. It's about 3 miles North of me and about 100m higher.
  12. Anecdotally I can say that, when we had that event 2 years ago, we had to wait until 3 am for temps to drop sufficiently. My experience today is that it's dropped way faster than that event and, faster than expected. We've had more snow knocking round than was forecast already. So, on that basis, we may well get a better even tonight than expected.
  13. Was pretty good in Brecon earlier. Quite flumpy around Storey Arms. Almost white out going over to Hirwaun. Rhigos had settling snow on the road. Obviously as you then descend it all disappears. But, after last year's snow drought, a pleasure to see things turning white®.
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