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  1. Our river level did this: http://apps.environment-agency.gov.uk/river-and-sea-levels/120756.aspx?stationId=4095
  2. There's abandoning opposition and then there's going with pressure of 11040mb!
  3. Wales though, has survived relatively unscathed. Basically, Wales is nails.
  4. On the rain looks like we may have dodged a bulllet again. Pretty minimal overnight.
  5. Serious day in prospect now. 100+ winds possible in West Wales. 80 mph sustained speeds in Ireland. Not good. Stay safe people.
  6. Rain will be interesting tomorrow. It won't know where to land.
  7. Yes. Let's be clear, this is bad just about everywhere in Wales. Only question is how bad. It's high res now so it should do as it is told. SHOULD. But tomorrow is a very dangerous day indeed. More dangerous than last Saturday because it comes in the day. Best hope is for any snow to keep people at home for a few hours and, perhaps, they will then work at home or take a day off. South West Wales looks to be apocalyptic. If I were in charge of something like Bluestone I'd consider a confinement to chalet instruction.
  8. It's not an observation, it's a desire. You seem happy, as evidenced in the last part of your post, that the track has changed? Why would you want 90 mph winds and the danger to life?
  9. Hopecasting? I have no idea why. This is a life threatening storm.
  10. Lots of wetness in prosect this week. I suspect that Wales will fare ok. There will be heavy stuff. But, IMO, the main focus will be the SW, South and SE of England. Things are going to get pretty bad indeed there. THere will be a lot of politics played out. THe truth is that this is weather. 248 year event. Plain as.
  11. Absolutely. Yet they keep being posted as being signs of the apocalypse in the model thread. They are merely indicative of the potential.
  12. Just on this subject, accumulated precipitation. Go back a week and it looked like being 100mm+ for my area. It's been anything but. In fact, even today, we've had very very little indeed. River level has barely moved.
  13. The storm is incoming. It's rain bearing to the extent that there are loads of showers. But its not a monsoon. We've been phenomenally lucky this winter in Pencoed. To the North and West of us there have been huge amounts.
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