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  1. i'm holding back for a little month because it's still not evaluated by the prof. team. But when the blocking gets in the forecast around the end of november-dec and the OPI team aproves this OPI score then i will start to get excited (and more then usual! )
  2. Beautiful 12z, the low pressure is even more scattered then in the 06z and higher geos above the arctic.
  3. That's a very nice value! If the OPI truly is right this year then it's gonna be an exciting winter to watch the models when the blocking begins to start in dec-jan.
  4. i'm looking at the 12z right now, and based on this run i see more blocking then the 06z on +96hr, so you can be right. i'm also glad to see that the OPI has dropped again in the 06z. The change of ending below -1.5 is realistic i think
  5. Me neither, but -1.8 is also a good value, the "breaking point" was -1.5 OPI i thought? And thats true about UKMO, but the model calculates more pressure over eastern Siberia on 144hr, i dont see that in the EC and GFS run.
  6. OPI update.. -1.86, well i didn't see that one coming! Especially when you saw the graph of past year when it was stabilizing.
  7. It seems that this GFS oper has the least blocking if you compare with EC00z and GEM12z. Looking forward to EC12z.. Hopefully the OPI doesnt becomes more then -2.5.
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