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  1. Clockwise change is 'veer' eg Easterly to southerly.Anti clockwise is 'back'
  2. Lively storm here at present
  3. Different timescales. 7am to 1pm
  4. However, it is supported by Glosea5, well at least it was a couple of days ago. Height rises to the N/W of the BI
  5. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    snow in the city looks wet though may improve when the heavier stuff comes through
  6. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Heading for Worcester?
  7. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Hopefully tonight will make up for last nights disappointment in the sw midlands
  8. Usually do well for T storms here in Worcester but so far this spring they seem to be passing us by. However,judging by the latest hi res charts the sw midlands appear to be in line for the highest rainfall totals up until mid day tomorrow so fingers crossed for some spectacular action
  9. But it didn't dismiss the Easterly completely was it not 50/50 as opposed to 60/40 for the EC according to Fergie on Wednesday?