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  1. Thanks HGB, I agree it was a very rare event I dont think we will see anything like that again for a long time unfortunatley, still you never know . We were having a clear-out the day before, as you can see in the second picture with a nice dump of snow on the top of my old TV I've never seen snow accumulate like it did on the back of that Fiat punto in my first picture, it was nice to see some "proper" snow for a change
  2. The 12th of March 2006 was the most decent snow event we had here for a long time. I remember waking up that Sunday morning watching the snow fall heavily, expecting it to all turn to a slushy mess when the mild sector moved in as forcast. Instead it just kept on snowing for almost the whole day with gusty eastily winds, and it was the dry snow type that blew about like sand in the wind. In the end I think we had around 10cm and huge drifts which stuck around for at least 5 days or more after the event. It was one of those events you only see every 10 years or so, and it just goes to show how
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