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  1. Indeed, the North West is certain;y the "sweet spot" for Wednesday night/Thursday.
  2. Why is it when they issue warnings in any other part of the Country they are on the money, when we have warnings issued they go tits up?
  3. I really think people are jumping the gun here & being quite frankly hysterical, precip is pivoting & will affect the region over night, I expect quite a wide area to have a covering by morning.
  4. Precipitation pivoting and due to head back south after midnight.
  5. Won't be long now, I've still got the feeling that the majority of us will see a spell of Snow this evening/tonight.
  6. Off topic but sad news breaking tonight about the death of Anne Kirkbride (Deirdre Barlow) aged just 60.
  7. Most forecast apps are computer generated with no human modification, not to be taken seriously.
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