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  1. As is say when it's forecast it's less likely to happen than when it isn't! Wouldn't bet against some snowfall during the night though.
  2. Credit to BBC for once their forecast has been consistent. Haven't noticed a change all day with light snow forecast from 2 till 5 am in the morning so once again might wake up to a centimetre or two and temperatures look to be perfect as well. But if history is anything to go by the fact they're forecasting it is probably a bad sign!
  3. Surprised to see it still snowing in many places in the south east. The snow on the ground and surfaces is melting here quite fast now with rainfall. Temperature 2 degrees. Anyone seeing snow right now with the same temperature? Just had a look at the radar and it seems the more wintry precipitation is further east around the London area where here in Reading we had our fix at 3am and now have to stick with rain!
  4. Had heavy snow for a bit in Reading last nigh and got a few centimeters. But just a centimeter left now as I woke up and it's started sleeting.
  5. wow been out since 4:30 only missed 40 pages.... Expecting a bit more snow early tomorrow morning but temps don't look to be falling away below 1 degree so I don't expect to wake up to anything. Saturday morning and Sunday morning also not without interest but again it doesn't look like amounting to more than a snow shower or two. Interest is in Tuesday morning which is now within the 5 day range, maybe something more sizable then!
  6. anyone else seeing some brilliant mammatus cloud after the thundersnow hail event. Looks terrific
  7. Just a shame it was so shortlived! But better than nothing and good to see a snowflake for the first time since March 2013.
  8. Just chucked it down with hail before heavy snow, and now it's just a flurry, but wow that exciting we have a cm or two already on some surfaces and it was just 5 minutes. Everyone from the met department here's gone bonkers.
  9. Reading is waiting! .... had a light rain shower earlier, then a brief glimpse of the sun again, now it's once again clouded over and looking imminent. Hoping to see a snowflake a bit later on.
  10. Absolutely freezing out tonight. Haven't felt so cold during training in a long time with the wind chill! We have had very cold evenings this winter so far yet this felt like the coldest of the lot. Stars are out so definitely no precip here till tomorrow lunch time I think.
  11. They probably said something along the lines of a high of 11C but of course that was before 10am when the cold fronts came through!
  12. Very impressive gusts early this afternoon, though it's calmed down just a tad now and the sun's come out. Wouldn't want to be cycling against it!
  13. Well judging by the GFS whilst we may just get a few snowflakes Thursday to Saturday, Sunday morning is offering some more meaningful precipitation and hopefully won't be too localized to north of London! ... and I'd like to think this time it's a case of 'how much' rather than 'rain or snow!' A very cold few days in the lead up also would be nice for a change so any snow shouldn't have a problem settling. Definitely keeping my eye on the forecast for that one; met office haven't quite picked up on it yet. Best case scenario 4/5 hours of light/medium snow should give a couple of cm, which
  14. Not for the first time this week even at T0 hours to go BBC Weather seem to have predicted the temperatures to be too high in the evening and overnight. These aren't differences of 1 degree or so either; current temp is -1 at the nearest weather station yet BBC are saying 3 degrees at 10pm. Very chilly out there but starting to feel a little less cold what with the -7 on Friday morning!
  15. Blimey it fell to -7.3 overnight . Wasn't much more than that when I was walking out in it this morning and my face nearly fell off. Absolutely lovely day though and the sunrise mixed with the frost is brilliant!
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