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  1. Not long now! Models looking interesting and nearly completely prepped! Can't wait to be out there. Anybody else on the BA0193 on Friday 19th?
  2. It's a brilliant shot that captures the memory of the day perfectly. Driving down the dirt road towards the tornadoes was probably the best fun I've had on tour. I do have videos of that day on my website - brilliant memories!
  3. Three is brilliant for the price, but is patchy as Nick said. I found last year the access to data was limited to when I was connected via AT&T and got minimal use out of T-mobile. ...which reminds me, I need to sort out a SIM for this year...
  4. Actually have the day off work and could potentially have a late one that night too. It's looking a potentially active season so far - just hoping it stays active for all this year's tours!
  5. "Jason Searle is now following you"

    Great, now I'm going to be in your camera shots even more.

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    2. Jason Searle

      Jason Searle

      *shakes fist*  So they were intentional? I'll have to share that "unseen video" with the group now!

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      I think that genuinely was the only intentional one. An old school photobomb.

    4. Jason Searle

      Jason Searle

      Was a decent one. Your videobombs appear unintentional. I just find them funny now!

  6. I have one like number 12 on my wall - and number 7 is on my wall! Some really spectacular shots from some magnificent storms. Particular like number 3 - wish I saw the Wynnewood tornado!
  7. I've voted - So many great ones to choose from, although my favourites are already on canvas on my wall Good luck everyone!
  8. May 26th...Big Tornado in Kansas.. Bringing the chasers luck with my lucky Rover's shirt!
  9. May 25th - Storm on Steroids... Most picturesque tornado of the tour!
  10. Day of the Perryton Tornado, May 22nd 2016 - Tour 2 "RUN!!!"
  11. Day 4 - Near Leoti, Kansas An honour to see such an amazing structure!
  12. Flight booked (finally). Settled at £760...bit more than I hoped, but it's sorted now. Also booked day before and reserved a room at Best Western Irving. Just need to wait until May now!!
  13. I'm still yet to book flights! Need to get on and do that! Look forward to meeting everyone on tour 2! Slowly news is filtering through my friends that I'm going storm chasing in the states! Hoping to convert them in time for 2016 bookings!
  14. Hi Ben, I did enjoy the storms the other night - some great photos of the lightning too! (Sorry for the delay in reply, I'm fully booked with work at the moment and finally found 5 minutes to get online to do something other than work!). We had a great show! Saw the damage around Melksham on TV. Hope you weren't affected too badly! (A couple of shots from over Yate that night below) I'm now booked on to Tour 2 and really cannot wait until next year. I have wanted this sort of experience from when I was a young boy watching Twister! Thanks for all of your advice!
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