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  1. Not long now! Models looking interesting and nearly completely prepped! Can't wait to be out there. Anybody else on the BA0193 on Friday 19th?
  2. It's a brilliant shot that captures the memory of the day perfectly. Driving down the dirt road towards the tornadoes was probably the best fun I've had on tour. I do have videos of that day on my website - brilliant memories!
  3. Three is brilliant for the price, but is patchy as Nick said. I found last year the access to data was limited to when I was connected via AT&T and got minimal use out of T-mobile. ...which reminds me, I need to sort out a SIM for this year...
  4. Actually have the day off work and could potentially have a late one that night too. It's looking a potentially active season so far - just hoping it stays active for all this year's tours!
  5. "Jason Searle is now following you"

    Great, now I'm going to be in your camera shots even more.

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    2. Jason Searle

      Jason Searle

      *shakes fist*  So they were intentional? I'll have to share that "unseen video" with the group now!

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      I think that genuinely was the only intentional one. An old school photobomb.

    4. Jason Searle

      Jason Searle

      Was a decent one. Your videobombs appear unintentional. I just find them funny now!

  6. I have one like number 12 on my wall - and number 7 is on my wall! Some really spectacular shots from some magnificent storms. Particular like number 3 - wish I saw the Wynnewood tornado!
  7. I've voted - So many great ones to choose from, although my favourites are already on canvas on my wall Good luck everyone!
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