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  1. May be I should have noted it as a 'minor' event, however I do believe it to be an event of note. 88mm in 24 hours is a lot of rain in this part of the world. Although I don't have records of rolling 24 hour periods, our wettest calender day since my records began was 61mm and that was 5 years ago. So a day of 56mm followed by a morning of 32mm was indeed wet. Anyway, what effect did all this rain have on my local river - by chance I had taken the first picture the day before the rain as a record of how low the water was. The second picture was a few hours after the rain had stopped, the w
  2. Has been raining now for 22 hours with about 80mm accumulation - and still raining very heavy. Will be interesting to see the river later today, it has been exceptionally low. near Kelso Scottish Borders
  3. I noticed a problem with mine today and wondered how yours compares. The plastic that makes up the louves on mine is semi transparent, looking from the inside when the sun is shining, Ii i place a finger on the "Sun Side" I can clearly make out my finger - I imagine this is a problem - what do others think ?
  4. have now made it up and quite pleased how it looks, BUT - its not working, in bright sunshine it is reading about 1.5 degrees too high - any thoughts on how to improve it ? couple of pictures showing the box and its position (the fence runs nearly north south and it is on the south side. so open sunshine from east south and west)
  5. Found a couple of white plastic louve vents in a skip today and thought DIY stevenson screen. Would the internal sizes of 110mm square by 180mm deep be big enough for a small probe ? Could the top be 18mm thick wood painted white, or does it need some sort of two layer top.? Can the bottom be left open ?
  6. I some how don't think it is very accurate so I doubt my figures could ever be compared with anybody eleses, however I guess it can be compared with its self and previous data - keeps me amused anyway and most importantly it was entirely free
  7. done .... I agree, without location it realy does become entirely meaningless
  8. I know it may sound a little unlikely that in my first week of joining the site I am claming a 'weather event', but thought I would share all the same. For the past 4 years I have been monitoring the amount of wind that passes over our house, it is a home made device attached to the very top of the roof (spinning air vent from a van attached to a cycle computer) I take a reading every Sunday morning. Last week we only had 41 miles of air pass over, this being my lowest recorded week, the previous near windless week was 24/7/11 with 52 miles. Average week is 510 miles and the record
  9. At 82 smackeroonies it hasn't taken me long to consider I am really just wanting the blue sensor to give the same reading as the silver sensor when the sun is shining - even though neither of them are in the sun.
  10. Foggy morning then by early afternoon an absolute sizzler here in the Scottish Borders 22.4°C - and no wind!
  11. I must experiment with some shielding from the north. I assume your concern for more of a "ground temperature" reading comes from its openess to the north? The whole thing is sighted under a rather large bird table which does seem to protect it from the 'car roof' scenario. My readings so far from the small silver sensor have not been too dissimillar to a nearby 'official' weather station so I am quite happy, just dissapointed the data logger is giving such high readings when the sun comes out. I would quite like a proper stevenson box for the front garded, but the wife would
  12. Now I know the following is not a proper stevenson box and probably does not give highly accurate readings, however I have used it for quite a long time and get fairly resonable results, and don't particularily want to change the se up as that would distort my previous results.. Up until now I have just had the little silver coloured sensor and take a max min at the end of every day. I have recently added the data logger (blue thing) and I have come up with a problem that I don't understand. When there is no sun both the data logger and the original sensor are giving very simillar readins (w
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