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  1. The main thing I think is the deep blues that show on the GFS later in the run to the North West, meaning very Atlantic dominated - mild and wet !
  2. Thanks CS, yes there is a trend now for the Atlantic to come back in as we go to the last week of the month.
  3. Smiler when is this cold shot coming ? Even though things are looking a little more settled there is still a lot of low pressure to the NW which I think is where we don't want it !
  4. Well no sign of anything cold but I think the GFS especially the 'para' has backed away from bringing the wet and windy stuff in !
  5. Hi Nick I've been following the models as closely as I can and I think the GFS has been the best over the last couple of weeks.
  6. That's a long way out isn't it ? The reality is wet windy and mild I think !
  7. I think looking at the lows to the North West though its just a matter of time before we have the set-up that we had last winter and we know how long that lasted !
  8. Thanks for the upbeat outlook Steve ! What I found last year though was then Atlantic dominate charts were shown at day 7 or so they always happened !
  9. Horrible models again, the possible settled spell now a distant memory, wind and rain all the way !
  10. Hi, yes but they seem to be thinking in America that they could see a repeat of last winter. Let's hope not !
  11. ? The latter part is exactly like what we had all last winter is it not ? Absolutely horrible.
  12. Hi Steve I thought you said to disregard the 06z run as it was the most unreliable. From my not very experienced view point the charts are looking like last year where the Atlantic came in late November and never left !
  13. Hi yes could be, the forecasters in America are now getting excited about a repeat of last winter for them !
  14. That's what I was looking at this morning on the GFS, and would tie in with the METO forecast for Westerlies returning by the end of the 15 day period.
  15. It looks to me that the models are wanting to take the High pressure to the North away later on as the Atlantic comes back.
  16. Hi Steve, I'm guessing you say that because their is a loop over of High pressure towards Greenland ? But where does any cold for the UK come from ? It's not going to be the East ?
  17. But the easterly isn't cold is it or am I reading it wrong ? What would be the point with the colder air all up North ?
  18. Hi Nick, surely we need a northerly at this time of year, what's the point of an easterly and 'eye candy' synoptics if the source is too mild, combined with the high North Sea SSTS ?
  19. The Weather Outlook are also going for 'mild' although the full forecast will be out at the end of November I'm sure Ian Brown was on the radio a few years ago talking about the even larger teapot. The large teapot ? I didn't type that ?!
  20. I'm a bit of novice but I'd never heard of the OPI before this winter ! Are we not looking at this and hoping that it's going to lead to something better than last year when there are loads of other things to consider as well ?
  21. Vodka ! Keeps the weight off - relative to other alcohol of course
  22. Cornwall, never tire of going and even when you think you have seen it all you haven't !
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