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  1. There's clearly something in the water for both GFS and UKMO to spin up such a deep area of low pressure next week. The angle of attack means that for many it will be wet rather than white as we don't drag enough cold air down from the north. Also the potential for some serious winds should this system verify as shown (likely to be moderated I would've thought). Not what people want to see really but meteorologically it is interesting to see where we go from here.
  2. Surprised to see the UKMO explode a bowling ball low from t120-144. It looked great before then as well. How much are we trusting that evolution? The jet must really engage to steamroll our heights to the west so convincingly. I can't imagine the 00z will look quite the same.
  3. Yes I'm not fussed with precipitation charts at day 10, as these will change from run to run. What is encouraging is that we seem to be upgrading the potential for cold and snow from run to run. As the saying goes, "get the cold in first..." Very curious as to what the 12z's will have in store for us later. Hoping the UKMO can improve from it's recent flat offerings as well.
  4. I agree with your assessment of Moyes. He's a good manager but his Everton team in the past were solid over-achievers but had their limitations. Football has moved a long way since he was in charge there and so has the Everton team. Much more quality and much more flair as well. A more progressive, forward-thinking manager is needed.
  5. Silva, Pellegrini, Flores, Emery? I wouldn't bet against one or two of them getting the chop today. My guess is Silva.
  6. One reason why Sheffield has been so badly affected as the last couple of major rainfalls have come from the east so there hasn't been the Peaks to shield the worst of the precipitation.
  7. Don't speak too soon, the band has intensified in the worst possible place... just east of Doncaster. Radar looks horrendous. The main band is ebbing and flowing in intensity. Luck of the draw now whether you cop a lighter spell of rain or a deluge.
  8. I'd be more than a little concerned for the flood prone areas right now. As @The PIT mentioned the showers north of the main band are prolonged and merging, adding to the timeframe of precipitation expected. Precipitation rates are quite high as well. It will move through quicker than last Thursday but at the same time it'll take much less precipitation to cause similarly severe impacts. The higher totals mooted by the Met of 35-45mm look closer to the mark, looking at the radar
  9. I think I would complain if that verified in mid-December; the 850s aren't nearly cold enough for anything other than a bit of wintriness further north. It'd be cool and showery elsewhere with a keen windchill but not nearly cold enough for snow. Then again, it's one chart deep in FI and not really worth any serious consideration
  10. I mentioned over on TWO that those automated figures are at odds with their own article on the website which talks up the heatwave potential with low 30's possible further south, high 20's widely. I expect the automated figures will rise this weekend, but perhaps not too dramatically.
  11. I think 'very cold' is a rather extreme description!
  12. Yep, a lot of respect to those who are putting their reputations on the line! Wouldn't want to be in charge of forecasting this setup
  13. Why is it highly unlikely to come off? The ECM has been very consistent recently with the easterly cluster on the ensembles an ever-growing presence. It's far from certain, but I'd say the chances are pretty good
  14. The 6z is about as bad as it gets. Hoping it is a big outlier on the ensembles. I'd rather it go zonal than back to the featureless crud of this output.
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