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  1. It looks like its back tracking south or what ever is left of it so yeah there will be a few swollen river banks.
  2. When I thought Bertha had cleared off up North, North East flank of the country it's starts hammering it down, winds have picked up it NE Derbyshire. I'm shocked it looks like bertha is tracking south on the radar.
  3. Winds really gusting up here in NE Derbyshire. I can see a squall merge over the Brecon Beacons moving NE looks like all the way from Bangor down to Oxford. May not produce lets see how it pans out.
  4. Yes it looks like Barnsley is in the firing. Some activity is showing up over Sheffield now.
  5. We've got a nice squall here looks like maybe Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford and York will see some activity within the next hour or so
  6. Firstly hello everybody I'm new to Net Weather s hello to everyone on this thread I hope to get to know some of you delightful people here. I'm from Derbyshire just 15 miles from Derby city so my reports will be around that area for today. Well this morning the rain started to spill in to Derby around 7:40am and eventually hit my town around about 8am, it was pretty persistent and with heavy pulses at times. The map shows that the heaviest intense rainfall just skirted just north of me but still had a good soaking this morning. Some squalls followed yet no thunderstorms just a few sharp shower
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