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  1. Is it just me or is that lightning in the heart of the storm? lightningmaps
  2. I certainly see a lot of spray where I did not see it that close to the camera last night.
  3. Local park here a few trees down and they have taken down fences at the same time, some of the branches blown at least 50 meters from downed trees. XCWeather seemed spot on for wind charts for my location Northolt being the nearest recording point.
  4. Weather type on the netweather app shows rain/snow in the south, can anyone confirm?
  5. Why not use print screen and microsoft paint and upload that?
  6. Wembley big thunder storm moving in. Very localized storm, about 11 rumbles and very heavy rain now blue sky outside. Looking at lightning maps was probably a cloud burst, no more thunder appearing.
  7. This is the most important map showing the energy it still has within. http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/real-time/europe/winds/wm7vor.GIF
  8. Will it be safe to travel on foot on Friday morning in London? Are we talking 1987 all over again just just some gusts sub 40mph?
  9. Quite impressive that no one else from London has been active this afternoon.
  10. Been mad since 3pm here! Booming thunder still heard in West London, shepherds Bush is under it now.
  11. These possition changes will happen until sometime Thursday and even then we won't know where exactly. Just do not be another 1987!
  12. About 25 minutes ago torrential rain and distant booming thunder didn't see any lightning then the same came out lasted five minutes then a few more this time lightining must been sparked by the sunshine. had a patch of 96mm an hour according to netweather app.
  13. Looks like Devizes is getting a burst of lightning. lightningmaps shows near calne too, how I miss calne ;-( anyway shows there is still energy waiting for later with showers coming it will allow for short sharp showers.
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