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  1. garden tubs all knocked over these gusts today are intense usualy I get one or two over but these are all over the place today.
  2. On Sat24 heading east is it me but before the squal line the clouds are thinning out?
  3. Who ever said earlier that they don't make it to the mainland needs to stop trying to be an expert. Just spotted two make landfall.
  4. whats triggering these storms over west london fifth storm in three days now or is it two days I dont know anymore.
  5. West London extremely heavy rain now for a while, probably flooding somewhere.
  6. it's going to be six degrees cooler today for many. Tomorrow will be ten degrees cooler than it was yesturday. All I ask is West London be storm free from 2-4pm .
  7. Two days back to back storms started in West London and then moved west, I really do hope it doesn't happen again tomorrow. I would rather see these at a distance and not develop almost overhead. Give someone else a turn to be under the birthing pool. temps dropped five celcius after the storms cleared. fools nice and cool out now but thats only because its cooler than it was and not as humid.
  8. Suns coming out still rumbling away but this west london storm is just dying out without really moving very far and that rumble just then was booming like a drum on the planets core.
  9. Approaching, it's been here for a little while now. Constant thunder, very heavy rain.
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