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  1. There were a few in my primary and high school years, I think maybe Dec 76 when I'd had my tonsils out, then some heavy falls in early 80's, but can't swear to the dates.
  2. Aye but it's a forecast, depends on how accurate that is! Lots of times I've not taken a jacket and got wet due to unforecast rain....
  3. Last actual song i listened to apart from on the radio in the car was at my mother's funeral on Thursday where we exited to Take me home country roads by John Denver. twice once at the cream and again at the local church. Entry at both was again JD with Annie's song
  4. Maybe I do better with rain than I do with temperature because I'm more familiar with it than any kind of heat, due to my lifelong geographic advantage. I know rain!
  5. Yes numerous times. Feb 96, March 2013 are two that spring to mind.
  6. That's most likely as we get towards midsummer, could be an indicator as to where we go next activity wise.
  7. Not necessarily 2009 & 2010 were immediately after solar min from SC23...
  8. Because it's a potential indicator that we have passed solar minimum for SC 24 I guess
  9. Even though it's a relatively large event surely there wouldn't be enough energy in it to create a SSW? That said it was initially a displacement rather than a full SSW proper, so maybe could have been influential rather than causal?
  10. Thanks SB, is that because the vortex has regained strength and the wave 2 isnt strong enough until maybe the sun gets to a bit higher latitude?
  11. I know I keep on about this illustration of the situation, but https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/isobaric/10hPa/overlay=temp/orthographic=15.56,82.47,216 Shows a couple of areas of above what would appear to be normal temps at 10 Hpa. No idea if this is normal situation at this stage of the end of winter /early spring, or if this would be a precursor to the final warming ?
  12. You saying he's a nark? Lol
  13. JeffC

    In Memoriam

    Mark Hollis formerly lead singer with talk talk has died aged 64...
  14. JeffC

    Did you know.

    this is second to pretty much everything...or fourth to be more accurate! v poor
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