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  1. I can attest to the 25mm or so yesterday, I'm used to cold and wet, but yesterday was particularly unpleasant!
  2. Adjusted solar flux =67.8 Latest Solar Radio Flux Report from DRAO, Penticton SPACEWEATHER.GC.CA HTML version of latest solar radio flux report from DRAO, Penticton
  3. Yeah, hats off to @Quicksilver1989, well played sir! Quite chuffed with myself getting in top 10 for the season!
  4. As depicted nicely here.. https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/isobaric/10hPa/overlay=temp/orthographic=0.53,100.19,201/loc=-71.940,89.336
  5. I recall being out on a search for a chap who'd been reported missing early hours of Easter Sunday, looking back it was March 23rd 2008 I think. There was about 4" of snow when we started about 7 am, it soon went mind as it warmed up fairly smartish.
  6. I can remember at least 2, obviously it's more prevalent the earlier Easter falls
  7. Yeah, as mentioned previously reverse polarity SS's based on prevailing cycle are not unusual. Some of it, I understand an indicator is which hemisphere and latitude within that hemisphere. I think.
  8. JeffC

    Did you know.

    And did you know that whatever party wins the election, we will get a phenomenon called a black hole, it's also called "the treasury"...
  9. great pics...as @V for Very Cold says, a touch of jealousy! That's the point though isn't it? There are very few weather phenomena that are unheard of, but it's when they happen opustide the normal turn of events that it's remarkable. I do think we're seeing the effects of solar min coupled with low Arctic ice through summer melt...
  10. Hi MIA - not wishing to teach anyone's granny etc. Ozone is created by the splitting of an O2 molecule (stable) into 2 x O atoms (unstable) and this can be done by a number of means. If you ever played with an electric model railway, that clean smell that accompanied it was ozone created by the arcing of the contacts splitting O2 molecules. It can also be done by radiation and it's this that happens in the Ozone layer within the atmosphere. I could actually taste the Ozone created in me when I had radiotherapy treatment 17 years ago, that was strange! But I digress! In the Solar & Aurora Activity Chat Thread @Minus 10 updates daily on the neutron count, currently graded as high which isn't atypical for a solar minimum. I think it's the increased neutron radiation which is promoting the development of Ozone in the upper atmosphere Neutron radiation - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  11. Thanks...So Ice sucks?!!
  12. Is there any way to understand which contributes more, melt water or expansion?
  13. Ironically it could also be a reverse polarity one from SC25
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