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    Well I can drive then!
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    Did you know I'm so popular that it won't last long? No, nor did I!
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    Did you know my reputation points are 737, and tomorrow im flying in a Boeing 737...how cool is that?
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    Aye it was bonny driving South on Sunday evening! Very Seasonal
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    Don't tell me you've set the peelers on it? I'm here all night...
  7. 10.2 C and 105mm please. Damp and averagely cool to redress the warm & dry spring / summer
  8. Right, from the solar activity thread if we carry on as we are then 58% would equate to 212 days blank...104 in 2017, about 35 in 2016 that's quite a cliff edge...
  9. It would appear therefore that the most accurate predictions regarding SC 25 will be available somewhere around 2025-6 as semi-hindcasts? Again it's a case of insufficient data to be reliable, but it would be interesting to get the data spoken about on the BBC yesterday where scientists are getting trees out of Scottish lochs and are dating them and establishing some climactic data based on growth. These trees are in some cases over 1000 years old and may show a bit more cyclicality (is that a word?!) Thank we currently understand
  10. Yes, it will be a good test of the prediction theories, should be a very educational period that might help us understand more about the interactions between solar activity, weather and climate. It may even help us to establish better understanding of greenhouse gas effects and how the climate changes naturally in the cycleof things...
  11. JeffC

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Righto I think I've started it in the right thread... Crack on...
  12. Right, let's try again! As we approach solar minimum in this solar cycle, which has, relatively speaking, been less active than previous ones in recent history, there are also forecasts that the next cycle could be even less active. Given the improvements in science, techniques and general awareness, this is an excellent opportunity to develop science and extrapolate implications. Feel free to discuss but keep it as relevant as possible, oh, and civil!
  13. JeffC

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    If I can work out how to do it I'll restart it in the climate thread, but ask folk to keep it relevant, might even start one on the Schwabe cycle... It'll be later on as I'm back being a wage slave so having to travel on a Sunday night...
  14. JeffC

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    If the figures stay at 57% , that extrapolated to 208 days blank, which is quite a rapid descent if it's Schwabe cycle based...