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  1. This from Cumbria Fire & Rescue website, chopper dropping water bombs
  2. Credit to a Michelle Telford on Facebook page I Love the Lake District
  3. Major fire on Raven Crag above Thirlmere, will try to post a pic
  4. JeffC

    World Cup 2018

    I'm bald and my head & shoulders will get a run out!
  5. JeffC

    World Cup 2018

    Dirty bleeders though aren't they?
  6. Indeed, not even friends with benefits...interesting how all the forecasters have access to most of the same models, but interpretation is different
  7. JeffC

    Name The Film From The Film Quote

    Sammy Davis Jr?
  8. Aye but to be fair to them they're not saying there's no water, what they're saying is that they're struggling to get enough water around the system at peak times...
  9. JeffC

    Name The Film From The Film Quote

    Cary Grant?
  10. JeffC

    Did you know.

    Is that personal experience talking or wishful thinking?
  11. JeffC

    Did you know.

    Butted out by South Korea...no doubt much burning of goat fleeces somewhere...
  12. JeffC

    Breaking news

    Yes it's very clever but not sure how effective the actual chest compressions are! It would be just my look to get a big slobbery St Bernard who knocks me out with his brandy barrel and downs me in dribble!