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  1. Athens Greece Weather

    Shows up well on this https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/overlay=temp/orthographic=25.06,40.92,3000/loc=19.682,38.509
  2. Not seen him, last thing I saw like that in 2013 was 24 " 😜
  3. Feel free to have some of our rain, it'll allow my trench foot to improve a bit.
  4. Either way, good to see UKMO starting to suggest slightly stronger HP over Greenland.
  5. Was in barrow this evening and it was a chilly old breeze!!
  6. Yet just up the road we had showers all day, again completely against the prediction on the telly!
  7. Make us laugh

    Maybe you could get a job as a dancing queen? I'll get my coat....
  8. February 2005 - return of the easterly!

    Yes the March 13 was amazing, Hawkshead was similar to Coniston but it was almost like Windermere itself (the Lake) acted like a barrier. I've never experienced drifts like we had in the fells here after that. Caught a few folk out!
  9. Thanks Knocker, one to read when the hours of wage slavery have passed!
  10. Possibly naive question to the more learned members, which area potentially holds more sway? Air will be denser in the troposphere and therefore can that influence the stratosphere more, or because the air is colder in the stratosphere does that knock the troposphere more. I suppose what I'm asking is can a disorganised trop PV knock an organized strat pv out of kilter like a form of SSW, or does the organised strat pv always result in an organised trop pv if they couple up? Ta
  11. February 2005 - return of the easterly!

    There was a major snow event in March 06, because it took us 10 hours to drive home from my wife's late Grandmother's 90 th party. It snowed all the way from Peterhead to the Lake District and iirc there was 14" of level snow at home when it finished. Not as good as either Feb 96 or March 13 where we had 24" of level snow.
  12. OK here's the bit I can't get over, the models are just reacting to stimuli - like electronic amoebae, but the way some folk are reacting it's as if it's the model's fault we get a load of mild rubbish. The models don't make the weather, they reflect the possibilities that may transpire to some degree. They don't write a script for the weather to stick to or not, so if one model says one thing and another says something else, it's not their fault, they're just giving possible outcomes based on previous and current data and programming against what has gone before!
  13. I know a sparky down Foxfield if you're struggling!
  14. Looks like Boris Johnson in a hairy suit!
  15. Had I think 4 mornings (including this morning) when I would have had to scrape my car but opted for a heated screen in the last 3 cars...that and heated seats is the way ahead!