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  1. Things are still pretty slack in the northern hemisphere regarding PV
  2. I well remember the snow on the night of the 21st Dec 2009. We had a serious incident involving a casualty with very severe hypothermia, it was snowing like Billyoh! I was driving a Defender with a full set of chains and was glad of them! Massive flakes too. Exactly one year later we had the Coniston Earthquake!
  3. JeffC

    Make us laugh

    They got a prize for talking cobblers!
  4. But what IS the noise and what ARE the signals? sorry you may need to explain a bit more to duffers like me!
  5. JeffC

    Did you know.

    Oh! That old chestnut?!
  6. I asked Marco Petagna of UKMO, he didn't seem to think there was much of a teleconnection...
  7. Space weather could be running behind, solarham shows 74 from the other day
  8. Indeed - adjusted flux down to 68.5 again ….
  9. Feels a bit rapid maybe but looking at those figures they aren't large jumps.
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