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  1. JeffC

    Name The Film From The Film Quote

    The postman only rings twice.
  2. JeffC

    Did you know.

    You still bringing home the bacon?
  3. JeffC

    Did you know.

    Thought the party conference season was over !
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    You caught me out!
  5. JeffC

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    So is Debbie from Dalton!
  6. Is that a fact, a hunch or is it because we perceive a greater difference or want to? Or is it because our climate locally is so zonal usually that the more meandering jet stream gives a greater effect here compared to other regions?
  7. JeffC

    Name The Film From The Film Quote

    Debbie does Dalton?
  8. JeffC

    Name The Film From The Film Quote

    Best he said Ouch! When he landed!
  9. Ladies & gents, whilst all the AGW discussion is fascinating, and I know it's difficult to avoid as an potential influencer of the manifestation of effects from low solar activity, please can we try to avoid allowing things to get heated on here? People have different opinions, and from sensible rational debate theories are developed and then either supported or debunked by data or other scientific explanation. just verbally knocking lumps out of each other based on different views isn't taking us forwards and isn't particularly edifying either. So please try to keep on the "How will Solar Minimum affect weather and climate" bus or I fear normal service may be suspended
  10. Ye Gods! Did I miss something? I started this thread, as i started its predecessor in an effort to stimulate debate and draw discussion based around the solar minimum. It's not a long hop to end up with AGW as an element of the discussion e.g. will it be slowed etc., and if people want to hypothesise one way or another then great. That said if your main objective is the overall AGW debate, if there isn't a thread already devoted to it , then could I suggest one is created?
  11. Possibly but this isn't an AGW thread, it's about the effects of solar minimum on the weather and climate... Sure, if AGW is a phenomenon, and I'm not debating one way or another, interaction with that is inevitable, either accelerating or decelerating that progress, but this isn't the right thread to discuss purely AGW...
  12. Maybe, or if you have a theory which is a hunch you can always explain it pragmatically and ask for someone who's more in the know to either back it up with explanation or explain why it's not like that and what is the better explanation?
  13. JeffC

    Did you know.

    Indeed I have no self control...