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  1. Make us laugh

    Tough trip down that memory lane...or maybe just a hard drive..?
  2. Light wet snow at valley level just about settling but nowt to get excited about
  3. Must be courtesy of the Arctic Oscillation? AO...let's go...
  4. yes it does match well, might this be the first showing of some form of warming event, sudden or otherwise?
  5. would you mind which bit of Spain as long as it has snow?
  6. Not sure how relevant this is but see below https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/isobaric/10hPa/overlay=temp/orthographic=-20.19,89.15,327/loc=107.194,59.469 showing an area significantly warmer than surroundings at 10 Hpa....
  7. Aye Fair enough re provenance of Amber warning, but we do seem to struggle as a society with the slightest of difficulties...
  8. Well done! We've got nowt but hail showers atm...
  9. Well maybe it says as much about us as a society these days with our (in)ability to cope with a bit of adversity as it does about ....anything else?
  10. No disrespect but why is 2-4" of snow worthy of an Amber warning? Sorry maybe I've got a skewed view but why is that such a biggy? Hells bells that was a shower in 1947 or 1963!! Bunch of bloody wooses whoever decides this!
  11. Oh, we managed about an hour's worth of snow in Coniston mid afternoon...started to settle...then the shower ran out of steam!
  12. We can but pray it meets up with that area of heights opposite and it sends the PV into a tizz!
  13. Ha! aye you'll have camped at Coniston Hall or maybe even Spoon Hall? Sun's my local, although the Ship is pretty good! Tend not to go down into the village quite so much now as it's uphill with eleventeen pints of milk of amnesia on board! Where our houses are now, used to be just wasteland when I was a nipper, so we used it as a playground until the houses were built in 1981/2. There's effectively nowt left of the station as such, but some of the bridges are still there and what is now the car park was the slate wharfe.
  14. Just to give some perspective on the visibility difference...
  15. aye - just along from there, where the railway station used to be. Well done!