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  1. JeffC

    Did you know.

    For Fox Sake... No privacy these days!
  2. Just having a quick look in between flights.... If there's one thing that appears consistent is run to run inconsistency. So what do we conclude? Nothing is certain even at T+72 with the current set up. From what I can deduce it looks like being more seasonal that most of the winter so far, so let's all welcome that and hope for better output and outcome in reality. Almost nowcasting could become the flavour of the month.
  3. JeffC

    Breaking news

    are you shure?
  4. yet in the south and west of the Lake District we got diddley squat snow wise!
  5. I can recall several decent snowfalls hereabouts in March to be fair, but agree it's atypical.
  6. JeffC

    Apropos of nothing

    Impressive output on the MOD thread...and I'm not talking NWP models.
  7. where's here? 2013, April 1st was an ice day here so whist day length does have a bearing, so does the nature of the airmass. We'd had sub zero or at least v cold for about a fortnight by that point.
  8. Isn't some of this just the Monday morning blues? Seems to me, as I've said before the overnight run comes back with a more disappointing output which sets people's optimism back, but as the day progresses the outputs improve and bring improved prospects for cold. I'm not as skilled as many or as long in the tooth in model watching as a lot of folk on here, but I've never seen such a consistent situation with the 00z on pretty much all model suites giving less encouraging developments. Is there any explanation?
  9. Pint... Unless you're of Irish descent...
  10. JeffC

    Did you know.

    You'll be like Hydra next!!
  11. JeffC

    Advice on buying a new car

  12. JeffC

    Advice on buying a new car

    Ja, genauch! I've had VW Tourans in the past and they were fine, both performance and looks, cannot understand why the 2 series ended up such a complete Hund!
  13. JeffC

    Advice on buying a new car

    Wouldn't have it other than running out an ex employee's contract. Not sure why they left, but the car could have helped his decision!
  14. JeffC

    Advice on buying a new car

    Don't forget, I mentioned it earlier...Don't. Ever. Buy. A BMW 216 D. They are an abomination. It handles like a bag of wool, even in sports mode. It's got less power than the lib dems and looks like the illegitimate offspring of a Vauxhall Meriva and BMW 1 series. Unpreposessing join the extreme.
  15. JeffC

    Advice on buying a new car

    Lol!! Someone in the village had one when I was a kid. I'm not sure it was a very good car overall, but it was of its time!