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  1. Popped out for a pizza and took these... First three are looking towards North West Harrogate area (ish) Last one is looking ‘down’ (South) Leeds Road....towards Pannal. 11 miles North of Leeds (ish)
  2. Nowt forecast IMBY (Harrogate, North of Leeds) but I’m going to stay up anyway and hope I get lucky 🤞👍
  3. @Paul Sherman I really hope you don’t mind me asking you for some help....I’m in Harrogate and looking to increase my chances of potentially seeing a storm.....should I stay put and just keep my fingers crossed or should I jump in the car and drive/head to...? ? yes I’m a noob Thanks Benjamin
  4. Fingers crossed some of us get the jackpot ? Currently feeling very warm, still and humid In Harrogate (N.Yorks) Mammatus clouds above ? Car and camera ready....I’m a complete noob so hopefully I’ll get lucky ? Good luck to all. Benjamin
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