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  1. Morning Snowlovers....currently -1C and a lovely sunny crisp start to the day here....still a lot of wrist slitting on the mad thread over the ssw....will it or wont it deliver...well it would be nice to see a lovely cold snowfest to end winter....personally i think the models will swing wildly in the coming days to try and get to grips with it...but hey ho the weather will do whatever it wants eh....
  2. Morning peeps..driving into work on M27 and signs flashing salt spreading....4.5C..and light rain...im pretty sure were not going to get anything wintry this morn or the temps are going to drop back down...do the gritters know something i don't.....precautionary measure in case of a snowmageddon shower or two....
  3. 1st official moderate snow for 5 years here in netley marsh.....waheeeyy....proper orangey snowy sky too...
  4. Well a lot of despondency in here and i feel exactly the same....its been one of those winters where it seems that whatever the set up or synoptics we will end up with the filthy dross whilst those with elevation do a lot better. If you have snow or have seen it falling fair play to you. We do have a bit more of winter to come and i know things can change very quickly but is a couple of days of lying snow too much to ask. Anyway enough of the moans and groans...lets hope those of us snow starved southerners see a bit of white winter cheer soon...
  5. Positively tropical here at 13.5......or should i say the norm going on the last few winters....even if we do get a nationwide snow event that affects us southerners...it probably won't last long...forgive my negativity... just annoying i havent seen proper snow since jan 13...still the search goes on.....
  6. Morning all....a bit of slush on my windscreen dropping my car into the garage....but now 1.7C and a few sleety bits mixed in with the rain...i didn't expect anything being relatively close to the coast. But well done to those that woke up to a wintry surprise....to have 2 southern snow events in december in this region is a bit of a rarity...but hopefully we can all look forward to being glued to the model output and lamposts and get some more seasonal cheer.....
  7. 6.8C and dropping slowly....cats and dogs here.....a couple more ports methinks to soften the no snow blow...
  8. Wet snow dropping my son off at childminder in fair oak....trying to stick on the cars....
  9. Well i expected nowt and got nowt apart from a few sleet bits on my windscreen a bit earlier,but fantastic to see all the winter wonderland pics especially at this time of the year. Would be nice to see a bit off settling snow tomorrow,but im not expecting any big surprises,would be great to see a proper countrywide snow event. Plenty of winter left....
  10. Lyme Regis looks to be the sweetspot for this one judging by the direction its heading......
  11. Well looks like im in the sweet spot...torrential rain and quite a lot of thunder here...a couple of shotgun too. Makes up for the last couple of busts..
  12. Distant thunder here in west totton. Edit....large raindrops and more thunder now.
  13. 15.9C here and feels distinctly cool in the breeze....cloudy but fairly bright.....hope the sun makes an appearance....not looking too promising.
  14. 8C here and feels a fair bit cooler than that in that easterly....more like 3C.
  15. After a beautiful start and an overnite low of -6.4C.....it has clouded over and now stands at 2.3C....was going to go for a late afternoon stroll in the sun but not out in that horrible cloud.Even if we get a flurry i can only see the temp rise and it ending up as rain.