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  1. Very warm night...🌡...really hope we all get to see some spectacular storms over the next couple of days.....proper humdingers.....🌩⚡and a nice cooldown of cooler evenings.Bring it on 👍
  2. Morning all,a lovely sunny morning barely a cloud in the sky.....6.9C,feeling a fair bit chillier than that tho....??
  3. Looking at the radar looks like that storm is heading directly towards Hampshire,quite electrified at the moment,lets hope the channel doesn't pull the plug...... ?
  4. I like the "Hold on to your hat" at the bottom. Does it change to "Just stay in"......?
  5. The one I've learned from last week is that if snow is forecast anything can happen. A lot of us didn't expect it to pan out like that.I didn't expect it to be that complex the way it worked out,but i know nowt about it anyway. For me it adds to the excitement. I actually didn't do that well imby,but there were so many suprises. Bring on the next cold spell.❄️?
  6. Stormforce beka..........an inch left in the back garden.....but nowt laying....but temp steadily dropping from 2.1 to 1.6 in the last 20 mins. Have you got much left in winch?
  7. I'm right on the outline for amber....c'mon shove over a bit and put me comfortably inside...❄️?
  8. -1°C clouded over with a very light snow flurry.......appetizer for later....❄️
  9. 0.3°C and dropping steadily.Looking forward to the fun and games tomorrow......bring it on...❄️⛄⛄.
  10. Well it doesn't look like much of an event tomorrow for us southerners especially close to the coast....but the thing i like about the weather is unexpected things can happen.....i do think at some point this week there will be a nice little surprise somewhere re snow opportunities.....would be great if we all could get on on the act. I guess the thing to hold on to is that there is still a bit of winter left eh...so still some opportunities for something more widespread.....keeping my fingers crossed everyone sees at least a bit of the white stuff....❄️⛄?
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