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  1. Longs we dont get winter like last year well u couldnt even call it winter.I think thats why im so anti summer.lately i never really liked summer anyway but more so this time around.And i really do struggle to cope with the heat
  2. Sorry mate but this is the rant thread i appologise futher if u work for them
  3. My mate didnt go to the bristol harbour festival cus of the pathetic warnings made by the met office.He lives in south wales and didnt make the trip cus of bad thunderstorms forecast which didnt happen.What winds people up even more is the lack of a apology.Why is it u never hear a weatherman/woman appolgise when they get the weather forecast so wrong.Take the flooding on the somerset levels the way the bbc were talkin about it at the time the whole of somerset was underwater NOT so.The met office and the bbc are as bad as the daily express for ramping things up.As far as im concerned there a
  4. Yahooooooo very cloudy this weekend totally fantastic love it totally love it
  5. Hopefully the atlantic will awaken in the next few weeks and smash end this summer weather for good.The days are coming good ridance to it
  6. u could add a 3rd view point and id like to be in the totally delighted that its cloudy at the weekend camp
  7. I just watch Ians local forecast and its not looking likely for my area not south west enough damn
  8. oh ere we go again more weather warnings from the met office..to early to say weather met office goes over board yet again as the warning is for tomorrow.Will see lol
  9. lol melt me Satellite u nasty so n so lol Id have loved to have read the (removed moderated content) but anyway thanks I know some of my comments might seem like there wind ups but its not suppose to be like that.Its just i will not be forced into liking Summer weather just because others do.Im sure all the winter peeps are still in hibernation and sooner or later i ll find someone that detest the summer rubish like i do.Im my own person i like what i want and do what i want. Any chance of some heavy showers tonight or tomorrow just 1 pretty please
  10. Thanks i ll make note of that but i ll stick to me own beliefs helps me cope with this weather i dont want much better.Right time to go back to work
  11. Hopefully the met office wont be so eager to put loads of warnings out this week.No doubt there licking there wounds this week after the weekend just gone foul ups they wont be so keen to put warnings up when its not needed.Hopefully we might get a storm or 2 later
  12. Looking for Autumnal after this week with showers or longer spells of rain likely.Hopefully this will last a few weeks and end what has been a pretty poor summer.
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