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  1. Not moaning, not complaining, not snowing... Still raining!! Not that anything else was forecast, but having seen the state of some other Kentish and Sussex seaside towns I did have a small amount of hope. Naaaah. Deal, Kent. 5m asl.
  2. Hope you've got someone footing that ladder! I managed to get my workload out of the way Saturday luckily so I'm not out in it today.. tomorrow looks a lot nicer although ironically two or three degrees colder!
  3. If I see snow falling here, I reckon everywhere else in our region will already have done. I think this is the last bastion of sleety 'warmth'. 5m asl, surrounded on 3 sides by sea, too close to the centre of the low. Proper hairy out there!
  4. Anyone reckon with enough collective willpower we can make it snow? This sort of PPN and Wind with the right direction.. it would be one awesome blizzard!
  5. Driving rain here with just a wet flake or two of sleet, very windy indeed and about 3.5*C. Can't imagine much worse weather tbh. YUCK! Deal, East Kent.
  6. Some might over higher ground in the NW of our region, but i believe it's mostly likely to be rain for the SE.
  7. To my inexperienced eyes.. that looks.. cold!
  8. Quietly optimistic about tomorrow's French Low affecting the east coast of Kent. Wondering what are my chances of seeing any snow from this, as it pulls down an easterly/northerly from North sea as it passes?
  9. About the same in Deal. Rain was forecast, rain was had!
  10. The sky/cloud has just gone from grey to that lovely teasing yellowy hue which we all know forbodes a great snowfall. I know I'm fantasising, but heck, I've seen frozen precipitation falling both this month and last.. can't complain!
  11. And im under the red but it's very definitely rain with a few sleet snots in it. Once the PPN begins, trust your eyes not the radar! Haha.
  12. Still a sleety mix here, but more flakes in the fall than at 5:30. Transitional? Hope yet? Washout? Loving these pictures though. Could be a wintry couple of days. Impressive gusts here too, which I'm sure will give blizzard conditions wherever more formed snow is falling.
  13. Chucking it down IMBY, too early for any interest here, although I think I'll be unlikely to see many flakes today, a combination of too-far-south, too coastal and too much wind later on. Probably a hazardous day to drive so stay safe Kent folk. Glad those in the NW of the region seem to be doing well so far!
  14. Indeed! I usually do anyways. I'm in Deal, right on the east coast of Kent!