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  1. I'm hoping for a Kent clipper later on, but nothing seems to be electrifying today. Storms seem to be early in the season, but then I remember it is already April and we just had a very late winter!
  2. Night all. Thanks for making another cold spell so entertaining and informative. I'll be back lurking at any hint of a snowflake or rumble of thunder. 👋 Loz
  3. Nothing yet in Deal either.
  4. Radar filling off coast of Belgium..
  5. Oh yes, the hills and downs from ripple westwards seem to catch the snow, Deal town not so much. Good memories when the schools have to close 😃
  6. The only time I remember seeing deep accumulation of snow in Deal. The roads were filled, the hedges and fences were drifts. Being coastal and low-lying we rarely do well from any other kind of set up.
  7. All in all it was a fairly pathetic effort at snowing. Didn't really start, ended quick sharp. Hopefully there's more on it's way shortly, guess it's a mix of radar and window watching for now.
  8. Light snow now falling in Deal.
  9. The IR on sat24 to my mind looks fairly potent for the SE, a whole trail of cloud on that easterly.
  10. I believe we still have a chance of showers tomorrow.
  11. Fascinating to watch the sattelite capture sequence on buienradar. You can see the easterly with the shower flow, the convergence in the south east with a.. LP? Pushing up through France.
  12. You can almost smell Spring here in sunny Deal.. No, I kid, it's going to snow for all of us this eve! 😄
  13. Indeed, Light snow pepping up now in East Kent, coming in a ENE wind off the sea.
  14. Snowing well in East Kent. 4 on the Murr scale with a few gusty blizzards. Magical snowfall I am in awe.
  15. Light flakes falling now in Deal. Pond remains liquid as does the bucket on the patio. Thermo says 0*c but I think it's just over, hopefully falling quickly otherwise nothing that falls will accumulate.