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  1. Hurricane Ophelia

    When I said in April I'd really like a light dusting by mid October, this... Isn't quite what I meant!
  2. Nice storm front crossing the isle of Thanet in Kent, from Deal beaches this afternoon.
  3. Here's hoping. Still good to see some distant flashes but come on!
  4. Holy crud, I ruled myself out as too far east of anything. Looking at the radar I shall eat my premature grumbling and go and grab my camera. Also that system that went over London looks absolutely beautiful on the radar. Just watch it loop a couple of times.
  5. I think I'm too far east, but it's too humid and I'm holding out hope. Fingers crossed some of those channel storms build or drift eastwards.
  6. I'll admit, I've been lurking all day waiting for my chance to pounce on anything thundery. It's not looking great. Anyone care to underline for me that I am indeed too far east and that I can now go and lie in a boiling hot room and pretend to sleep for the next 8 hours? I'm not secretly jealous of absolutely everything that's kicked off to the west of me since about 11am. Oh no sir.
  7. Still hopeful we can import something from N France this evening. So warm here, lots of convective activity in the clouds but no rain or storms yet!
  8. Hot and frustrated. T'other side of the channel is getting it's usual belter of a storm. Here, as far south east as you can go without getting wet, it's an absolute scorcher. Can't complain but I want my fundaah!
  9. About 27 here at the coast, although it feels more like 30. Don't remember anything like the last few days, was born late 1989 so it's new to me. Keep hearing stories of the summer of '76! Dog thermometer says it's perfect!
  10. My camera got a bit soaked but it's survived the tucked-inside coat method. Wouldn't have been surprised to see a funnel in all that, got very wild overhead.
  11. Absolutely amazing. Got lucky today with this one. Flash rate has been phenomenal!
  12. I hope I'm not wrong, or worse, alone, in thinking this calls for a cold one and a sore neck from skywatching?