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  1. So glad you spotted this I was also unsure. I'll compare with my other shots later on 👍
  2. Going to head to Farthing Common as it's the only decent viewpoint with a S/SW view in my area that's doesn't just overlook sea 🤣 going to leave it a couple more hours yet as things aren't likely to get spicy (meteo term) just yet!
  3. Well I've seen the sun poking through a little this morning. Just had a light shower too. Glass half full me can see a bit of convection going on behind as the air clears. But we should all just be happy to have a glass at all.. right?!
  4. Didn't believe we'd get much more after Sunday and last night. It has snowed continuously, albeit very light fine grains all day. Not added much more, but pleasant to watch from the office. Then just the last few frames of NW radar and it looks like we might get some showers this evening too! Good luck all, especially those who've not had their fair share yet.
  5. Night all, hope for the most part you all got to see some decent falling snow and perhaps an accumulation. There's a little where I am and I do feel lucky, it's the most we've had here for a few years. Not too keen on the drive to work tomorrow, it's only a few miles but it's inland and slightly more elevated, the roads are going to be awful! At least the scenery will be that unique blanket of snow 😁
  6. Well we currently have about 3cm on the cars and tables. Most of the paths and roads are slush or clear. I am right on the far East coast of Kent, at sea level. Where I work seemed to have a greater accumulation earlier and that's a few miles inland, but we're going to have to have many more hours of continuous heavy snow if they're going for those figures 🤷
  7. As a Yid, all I can say is.. the upcoming spell of weather is all that has me excited at the moment. 🙄
  8. Rain here in East Kent, at least so far. Feels properly nippy though, hoping it turns to snow as the cold front comes over fully.
  9. You mean... Directly over Deal where it will pivot around and stay localised for 48 hours dropping a deluge of.. oh yeah I'm at sea level. It'll be rain. 😂
  10. Can confirm a few little flakes falling here in Deal. Nothing much but something!
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