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  1. Great frames from sat24 on cloud depth and visible cloud of that Caen cell.
  2. Really good shotgun thunder clap heard in East Kent, rolled for over a minute!
  3. And yet a Man and two young girls are strolling along it? Beggars belief!
  4. Disgustingly sticky at work today. I loved the dry 30* days this summer, but 22 degrees with like 80-something% humidity is not the one. Please freshen up!
  5. Looks like Estofex might have failed us for once as well... I guess they are just about within their margins.
  6. Just stood out in the garden in swim shorts for a 'briefs' spell of rain. I'll get my coat. Might need it.
  7. Suddenly started raining harder than it ever had before. Don't have the equipment to record rates but there will be flash flooding in certain areas of Deal after that. Only lasted a minute but wow.
  8. I think we have more to come this evening, at least in fits and starts.
  9. May I just say That's a mighty fine plume you got going on there 2018. Mighty fine.
  10. Well that was refreshing. Very foreboding storm with a lot of gusts and bluster, but when it passed over it wasn't constant lightning, and the heaviest rain only fell for around 20 minutes. Still all in all about 45 minutes from one edge to the other. Maybe 20 decent local strikes with loud rumbles, only one really good shotgun clap. Hoping for a bit more of a light show this evening when darkness falls. Trying to photograph lightning in the day is a real pain in the posterior.
  11. Finally seeing signs of convection here in East Kent. Although the sun is still very much on at the moment and combined with the humid plume it's feeling distinctly African here right now! Lots of surface heating, can't wait much longer!
  12. Crazy, I'm in Deal, no more than 8 miles away, and there's not a cloud in the sky here. I assume not for much longer!
  13. Just finished a busy week making chips for a chipshop during our town carnival... Warm would be an understatement. Tired would be a joke. I tell you I'm going to enjoy this last 4 hours of sunbathing before this evenings show.
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