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  1. After last year I have every confidence that the Pontypridd storm shield will remain intact, unfortunately.?
  2. Forgot I had the Netweather lightning app and it's going off like artillery fire. Looking at the number of strikes approaching South East Wales I think that hunkering down might be the better option. Very humid here and clouds look ominous.
  3. Just seen the Yellow warning for RCT on Easter Monday and went to check the 7 day forecast for Pontypridd - really hope there's a problem with it as these temps must be a record breaker!!
  4. Winter wonderland up here! Thick heavy flakes being blown around and getting sticking fast going to be a some very happy children later I bet.
  5. ......in the blizzard I forecast over a week ago ?
  6. I'm being optimistic as there're a few flakes falling, and cars are looking whiter. Nothing on the pavements/roads but still early and my Home and Dry app is looking good
  7. As long as I can open the front/back doors and the bathroom pipes aren't frozen this time round I'll be well happy.
  8. Just a light dusting on cars, nothing sticking as yet but we've got an Amber warning in force from midnight so hopefully there'll be an upscale.
  9. Yes he is right and though the post has been removed (thankfully) anyone suggesting using Twitter as a medium for abuse should hang their heads in shame.
  10. Rain is something we see all year round, gets a little boring watching the models to see when a bit of rain and wind is going to move in. Not if you're going to be directly under a 'bit of rain and wind' and suffered the devastation that flooding can cause.
  11. Warning for rain in the south from tomorrow night and very heavy in the early hours for Sunday Looks like I'll be swopping my party clothes for a mac, wellies and a brolly!
  12. I'd agree with that and as it's hovering around 3c at the moment, not the 7/8 as forecast by the BBC earlier, I can see some problems tomorrow. Very icy where the shade hasn't lifted today and no grit anywhere.
  13. Just been out and surprised that the roads/pavements are really slippy so any rain, and we've been forecast for a lot, should cause problems later and tomorrow as the temps aren't as high as forecast earlier. Anyone got an update - snow/ice for Rhondda Cynon Taf?
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