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  1. Looks pretty accurate so far, Plymouth arm dying out and the interesting stuff going to Calais
  2. First thing this morning, Meteofrance had an orange warning St Malo area across to Cherbourg peninsula - exactly where that Carnac storm is heading. Seems a bit more precise than the UK forecasts... They have the stronger storms heading to the East later it appears
  3. Looking at the SAT24 imagery, there's something quite interesting forming in the bay of Biscay. Is there tropical air mixed into that circulation?
  4. Maybe but I thought the same last night here and somewhere between 2 pints of Stella and a bottle of cobra it went crazy.
  5. If you haven't done it already, zoom right in on the storms in the live map to get some great patterns!
  6. Funny how the French orange warning says avoid using telephones and electrical equipment... Sounds like my old mum's advice
  7. First post ever. Amazing night. Distant lightning to south of me (just north of southampton). Are channel storms going to make it here? Has been blowing gale for 30+ mins Nd now calm
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