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  1. A surprisingly average day in MK so far, despite the temperatures! Storm that came through this morning struggled to produce any lightning and mostly clear skies since then. It's got quite interesting in the past half an hour though. Getting a lot darker to the south!
  2. Great view of the cell between Milton Keynes and Cambridge at the moment. The anvil has been growing nicely with a lot of pileus over the past half an hour or so. The base was just about visible with a possible shelf cloud, although way too hazy for clear shots.
  3. I'm actually quite surprised by how "plain" the weather has been today here, given how much activity there's been just to the south! Hopefully there's a good chance for Bucks tonight. Would love another crack at overnight lightning shots.
  4. Surprisingly overcast and calm here, with a little bit of rain. The haze has really kept these storms hidden over the past few days...until they've been right overhead!
  5. Certainly not as much like The Day After Tomorrow as last night was but there has been some awesome developments off to the east. Didn't seem to be a very lively cell but it certainly bubbled up fast and was a monster compared to most of the cells I'm used to seeing here.
  6. Was hoping for a little more convection bubbling up here by now. Don't want to get my hopes up really, although last night's storm did pretty much come out of nowhere.
  7. Yeah, seen loads of pictures from other parts of the country. I'm gutted I didn't just try and capture the lightning from home to begin with. Ah well, more on the way today apparently so I'm hoping for another chance. It's not often a storm like that bubbles up right over MK. It was amazing how suddenly the lightning started to pick up pace.
  8. Morning all, it was another awesome evening in MK yesterday. Cumulus towers bubbling up rapidly in every direction, one of the biggest anvils I've ever seen to the east (5th image) and then that absolute cracker of a storm a little later, which initially looked like a near miss! Did get some lightning shots this morning but barely any from this one sadly. Strikes every few seconds but had terrible luck with the timing of my camera's shutter and finding the right place to face it towards it. Still, the skies alone were spectacular. Has there been confirmation of any tornado-related activity from yesterday evening yet? Me and a couple of other people spotted what looked like a weak funnel in the haze a few miles south of MK in the early part of the evening, in the first image. Could have been a skud but certainly did stand out despite the haze and was there for a couple of minutes before fizzling out.
  9. Spectacular sunset with small cells off in the distance and bubbling convection this evening. Hopefully a prelude of things to come!
  10. An exciting humid evening watching the convection roll in and pass over MK. A few pictures from the past couple of hours. Must be something heading this way tonight!
  11. A few from this evening. Not much to report but the sky has been fantastic!
  12. Things are building up nicely here already. Lots of cumulus popping up including some towers, plus the top of an anvil off in the distance a little while ago.
  13. Not much to report today, still waiting for a good thunderstorm this year, although we finally had some decent rainfall yesterday. Really vibrant sundog earlier this evening though!
  14. Things have built up very quickly here over the past couple of hours. At little dull and overcast above but lots of bubbly towers going up in the distance, so hopefully might lead to something later.
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