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  1. good stuff while it lasted, great to see hope theres more this week
  2. Heavy snow now roads in Middleton getting tricky my move up to Newhaven should be fun up there
  3. great clip, loved the copper telling the driver off " are you an idiot" classic stuff. just would not happen nower days, carnt help think weve lost somthing along the way. Motorway would have been closed because of heavy sleet, also pulling injured people out of cars, motorway would have been closed for the day while they investigate it
  4. Currently on hols in carnac Brittany France been hot today 34 locally, storms and rain just missed here, checked radar and they seem to be heading to good old blighty, currently 28.2
  5. well if the storm just leaving Derby holds together were are gonner get pasted here in Matlock. as i type its getting darker, although we all know how fickle storms can be sometimes missing you by 0.5 mile.
  6. been a good day out in the Peaks and in the snow. winnatts pass, mam tor etc. plenty of snow and 2 feet drifts in the hollows on hill walk. plenty more snow showers coming through over night.
  7. oh met office just update to 70% chance heavy snow at 5pm. wonder if the showers will merge and produce a good spell of heavy snow ???????? hers hoping. just popped into central england thread, some have 25cms there !
  8. number 2 shower incoming, also north sea is still producing plenty of ppn
  9. Net weather radar watching like a being a bowling pin in an alley haha. trying gauge whether one of of those showers is gonner hit you
  10. that is producing moderate snow now, fab. looking really wintery. here in DE4 North sea doing us proud, plenty more showers feeding in, hope tepms and dp are low enough to keep it all as snow
  11. still looking good for North Mids, meto and gfs charts show plenty of snow chances. 3-10 cm midlands more further west - snow almost down to south coast NW midlands does ok (quote from SM on ) and another from Nick Sussex An interesting few days coming up ! Putting aside tonights snow and in relation to the next low. At the moment the nw Midlands , the southern part of the Peak District and northern Wales look to be in a good position for snow . And of course not forgetting our fellow coldies across in parts of Ireland . So some positives there, Plenty of radar watching today, might even get up onto A615 Newhaven Road, but I am sure I will need a 4x4 for the higher routes. Bright start with plenty of blue sky and sun breaking through but now skys very milky white looking haha, sure sign of snow on the way.
  12. well its still looking good for N Derbys. if you follow GFS. plenty of ppn, temps ok, just. GFS seems to have upgraded snow for Peak District and South Pennines not looked at Thursday yet. but really is going to be a nowcast situation and plenty of radar / lampost watching.
  13. ppn accum. totals if you use GFS 06h all the way out to Saturday. Plenty of chances for heavy snowfall in the Peaks and around North Mids. but thats just using the GFS 06h run. not checked dp yet throughout period.
  14. https://en.sat24.com/en/gb/visual plenty of showers out to West and North West
  15. nothing here yet but I am about 10 miles East of Buxton and 150m lower haha
  16. https://www.buxtonweather.co.uk/ Buxton and surrounding roads struggling at moment and more snow to come.
  17. check out netweather radar, small blob of ppn right over the town
  18. would you adam and eve it, first snow flakes of 2019 here in DE4. approx 8 landed on frozen car, and on the short drive to work saw 20 secs of flakes flitering down. haha, is it a sign of stuff to come in the coming weeks I hope so.
  19. another barmey morning here, heating still off, thick fog again, I,m sure I can here the grass growing. roll on spring, now.
  20. Boxing Day time for a moan. no cold yet, non on the horizon, even seen some talk about cold coming in FEB !!! snow drops are breaking through already, and Ive had to switch of the heating its so bloody mild. Took the dogs for a walk did,nt even need coats. thinking of mowing the lawn this week and I Iive in rural Derbyshire at close to 200mts SSW warming ?? rubbish. Even if it turns a bit colder with a bit of snow so what we would of had that without a SSW, especially here. every year we have the same, expectations from models and note happens, so what if we have 3 or 5 days cold weather in Jan or Feb. this winters already busted. i feel pity for those that live further South with no alevation, at least for me high ground of 300 to 350 mts is only a 10 min car drive, so at least I can catch HILL SNOW, thats if we even have that. GOD what a rant, this must be the worst winter here for 5 years or more, apologies for letting of steam but this winters already over here. (MY BIGGEST MOAN EVER) not even had a drink YET !!!!!
  21. well struggling with met office forecast, shows 5 hours off heavy snow here, but currently 2.5c can see big possibilty of freezing rain, so echos others views if that happens (the cars stopping on the drive !) last time we had that here it was chaos, as others have eluded to, all roads were closed for over 2 hours, we did live in a hilly area, the schools shut, it was pretty rough we had two people who fell and broke their arm in the car park, it was like a skating rink, but clear glass.
  22. Looking better now, Amber warning for heavy snow and blizzards 2pm to 6pm Bring it on, even if its short afair maybe a taster of whats to come later in Dec and Jan do like those heavy snow met office symbols haha
  23. May the fun begin haha heavy snow on A57 Snake pass. travel with care,
  24. same here, heatings been like the oke koke. on off, on off, currently off. but its difficult when ones partner likes it be a constant 25c. hahah
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