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  1. Yep can confirm that, 2 feet of snow massive snow drifts 23 March 2013. check out the archvive charts. and this spell looks even more severe.
  2. in all my 10 plus years in here I have never seen such a fantastic gfs run as the 6z, truly stunning to watch and sheer bliss, if your a cold fan. if it came off anything like that, then I don,t think I could ever complain again about our crappy mild winters again (well not much complaining haha)
  3. well models seem poor this morning, but what a great morning sat watching heavy snow showers piling in, nothing much settled here yet, wish i had altitude of TM, but 190mtrs not to bad, great watching the snow blowing across the valley. looks like lot more potential today and Tuesday
  4. oops, I,m in middle of the yellow blob to the far right
  5. i,m hogging this set of showers hahah
  6. Low of -6 this morning, currentlt still -5.6. dp went down to -10
  7. Your Deepest Snow Record

    so many memories, deepest level snow somewhere between 60 to 70cms, drifts well thats another story. once on a double decker bus from baslow to chesterfield and drifts were above the roof of bus !! i have an old polaroid from 80s of my dad stood on a tanker lorry with his arm in the air holding a yard brush and the drifts were over 10 feet above it. so whats that 30 to 40 feet, on the Snake Pass, snow blowers had spent all day cutting a tunnel through, but 12 hours later winds had nearly filled it in again. vid is March 2013 so plenty of time for snow action
  8. i surpose its also relative to your location, in the Peak District you learn to drive in heavy snow, ice, and roads with quite frankly dangerous drifts, i love the snow, 3 feet to 6 feet drifts fab, but sensible footwear helps, but my partner hates it, even bought those funny ice crampon things that she attaches to her boots, even when theres only 5cms of snow ! the bigger problem as always is ice. evening walks around the town at midnight, when no traffic and you can enjoy the deep snow is fab, but so is a hot balmy day in summer, may be 85 touching 90, with possible thunderstorm to break the humidity, then heat resets for the next day.
  9. not quite sure where your coming from here, I too saw a few accidents, mainly low speed fender bumps, but some people will drive out when conditions are poor (i know some have no choice, but many do.) Some of the driving skills on show were terrible, people going way to fast on hills with approaching corners, heavy braking, to high a gear, not being patient, or giving space to others, the list goes on. I even saw people driving up to the moors 275 to 350 metres, 6 inches of snow, with semi blizzard conditions, and NOT in a four by four, I,m mean why risk it, take the main roads instead. As for schools being shut, well lets get real, in these modern times it seems any excuse to shut a school, some even shut with just 2 to 3cms, I dont know how they would of coped in the 70s or 80s when snow was measured in good old feet and inches weather is weather, what about fog, or heat waves in summer, all potentially more dangerous than snow, or wind storms.
  10. walking dogs on stanton moor earlier, great weather.
  11. what a great Sunday morning, started as snow at 4.30am and carried on until 12.15. stanton in the peak, curbur edge, beeley moor pretty treacherous out there, seen numerous accidents, cars stuck etc. bit of drifting and maybe about 8cms at most, temps where constant at 1c
  12. yep dp -1 temp 1.8 so lets hope showers over night turn more wintrery.
  13. well that was a great run from GFS 12s, not seen it that cold for some time. FI is just great some times, haha, just fab to look at even if its so far out. compated to last few years this years model watching has been gripping, one things for sure its going to be cold next week, i leave for the London sun to weds so hopefuully when back to teh peraks the fun should still be on
  14. sleet, now wet snow, hills around here look white yep hills here are white over, still snowing and its my Birthday today so a great present. good old UK weather haha