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  1. 14.5mm down in the truly rotton day, low cloud hugging the hilltops most of the day
  2. Same here PM, down in Matlock. - mostly moderate snow with some heavy busts temps 1.1 dp -1.1 and plenty of ppn incoming on radar, going to be a good day, think I might drive up into the higher Peaks.
  3. might see some snow tonight, currently 1.2 c fallen from 3.5 two hours ago, DP at -1.1 and some ppn moving in from south west fingers crossed
  4. great view of Venus tonight, and Mars, now that we have some clear skies
  5. well to my untrained eye the 12z looks a better run early on. the trough in the mid west USA seems to dig further south, in turn creating more amplification which results in high pressure rises over Nova Scotia, causing the Atlantic trough to drop more favourable over the UK, bringing in the cold quicker. T144 to T162 seem critical as always. thats my thoughts (could be wrong ?)
  6. great pics, so jealous, haha
  7. if no snow, I would rather have Summer hahah
  8. just heard the announcement on BBC News always missed his cheery forecasts, and his enthusiastic summarys,
  9. nothing here yet, can not believe I am actually lamp posting watching on 8 November ,is this real or what.
  10. yep a lucky spot here, dp now -0.9 temps steady at 2.5c. 15 mins walk away (up hill) start to get up to 200 to 250 mtres
  11. temp is 2.7c and dewpoit -0.7 so could still be on for some fun
  12. looking good here, met office firm up on potential snow event, should be fun and games on weds morning
  13. a good storm south of here, missed me by 15 to 20miles sliding south east
  14. so close but still no rain, thunder or lighting
  15. Wow 27.9c was a current high so far from station just up the troad Forecast for Matlock, DERBYSHIRE > 53.153 -1.569 > 195 m