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  1. no need to worry about it, Im in the amber warning area, no snow falling, although it narrow band, been to famlies which is in middle of amber area, again no snow falling, well wasnt 20 mins ago, also non accumalated all day
  2. i think this area could be in a good spot today, just need it to slowly keeping progressing north, another 30 to 40 miles
  3. tree line gone now, and its pivoting. using metoradar which has a 3 hr forecast shows ppn moving up over north derbys, seems to be plenty of energy in the pivot
  4. Masson hill which as teh crow flies in only 600 to 800metrs away has slowly disapeared in a shroud of mist, low cloud and possible moisture in the air. always a good sign of incoming ppn, and with these local temps that will be snow.
  5. wow, had a lie in this morning, which brassed of dogs, but its a bit icy out there for them, also looke dlike we would miss snow action. but updated warnings from met and there flip flop app give me plenty of snow today with heavy snow later maybe this spot will be in the pivot zone ?????
  6. As i typed its beefed up again easily 10cm on hills, maybe more in odd location. family at Middleton had 10cms at 11am and its been snowing there constantly, they are lucky to be at 310mtres wow.
  7. well we have really made the most out of these NW airstreams bringing in beefy showers. non stop snow here from 8am, still snowing now, most of time its been moderate to heavy. Bad road conditions on hills, 4x4s only really. I am starting to think this winter is turning out pretty OK imby - this will be the 6th fall of snow since December, all falls settled, all causing travel issues for a few hours, and its only 23 Jan with maybe more wintry stuff to come over next 2 to 8 weeks. March always seems to be a snowy month here, so fingers crossed for more fun
  8. full on moderate snow at moment looks like its going to get heavy for an hour.
  9. heavy rain for hours here, rivers out in lots of places, pic was about 1.5 hours ago, bridge/road now closed. lower down derwent vriver1.jfifalley braced for more problesm river2.jfif
  10. well Watnell shows 1, East Mids airport 2c ?? Leek Thornicliffe 4c and Manchester airport 6c
  11. well lots of dissapointments over last few days, or years ! I know the madness of FI charts and all that, and after last years winter which was truely dreadful for snow even in my location if the current NHP pattern and the SSW mean we end up with high pressure sat over us then I,m afraid I will have to give up watching the models and slowly retreat to other hobbies this after 14 years on here checking out some great posts. This is even after two small snowfalls in last 10 days, which were both between 3 to 5cms. I cannot even imagine whats its like for some who live at lower alleavation
  12. 8 Jan looking reasonable at moment. 06GFS shows 850s at -7 from 90h to 105h, 2m temps -1 to 1 throughout and dps -2 to 0 so could be game on
  13. well that is fab, moderate to heavy snow, 5cm at present, still falling but light now but looks like a few more showers in coming. current temps -1.3
  14. i can confirm that as I live in Matlock it is snowing heavy again, and the surrounding hills are white over with some depth now. big flakes size of the old 50 pence piece, haha, i would imagine some of the ungritted roads will be quite tricky, I was out in Hartington, Biggin, Elton earlier and it was full on winter
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