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  1. snow on tops around here, and lying a bit. still have snow drifts under the walls don,t you just love GFS automated charts now showing over 40cms of snow for here next tuesday. Having said that met office 5 day has slowly upgraded snow chances but again that changes every few hours, but good to look at.
  2. still looking fab, kerbs disapeared 45 mins ago, always a good sign, ppn seems to be building of coast of east anglia heads north then being blown inland on strong easterly wind
  3. thats true very true, footballs been awful at home for months and thats when we were winning. anyway who needs prem and the jumped up billionare owners
  4. Popped into SE thread to see hows it going down there. its raging blizzard up here in North Derbyshire or should I say Narnia, haha, hours and hours of this to come
  5. season ticket holder for Derby, I,m might stop home watch on telly. looking forward to play offs, I thjink we over achieved reaching second spot, Uou might even catch Wolves who would thought that that 4 weeks ago. back on topic snow is coming down harder, I could even go to bed confidant it will still be snowing in 6 hours haha. seriously its blizzard conditions again, driving snow, gonner be some villages cut off again thats for sure
  6. its rough here, 18 miles north west of derby and i am of to the game tomorow if its on, but we are due another 8 hours of this stuff so better keep in touch with radio and Tv, currently 10 to 12 cm here and its still hammering down but we seem to under the streamer, and the derbys. hills always get more than Derby City area.
  7. another stunning evening of snow here, check out radars loops, there's tons and tons of snow piling in of north sea. Met office gives another 9 hours of this stuff gonner get buried here in this streamer, it might even match the infamous March 2013 streamer, that gave over 30cm, but this time more wind so its blowing around more. there was 2 feet drifts on the tops at 4.30pm so god only knows what its like up there now, can see block roads again.
  8. holey moley, its full on blizzards here, gonner be large drifts again on the tops, and the met warning of villages being cut of I think may come true, white conditions for last 20 minutes,
  9. Cheers, snow settling well now, temps -2.2 dp -7 on side roads and main road, if these showers merge together, its gong be a snowfall here, no melt, no thaw
  10. heavy snow showers now packing in, getting beefy every 10 mins.
  11. very true, could be a great event here in next over next 72 hours, last steamer here I think in 2013 produced 36 cm everywhere with patches in garden over 50cm !! while in Derby they only had 5cms, so fingers, toes crossed where in the firing line. haha
  12. hope so, live just 2.5 miles outside the eastern boundary, hoping for streamer to pile in the snow showers.
  13. different over here in Derbyshire, gritters been out since 4.00pm, all over town and roads even side roads, using up winter supplies
  14. well, sat out outside in back garden at 3.30, with just shirt no coat and had a coffee, whilst watching dogs runaround garden. wow by 5.00 it had turned quite cold, definately not sitting outside weather
  15. Smack bang in the middle of orange area haha, so it can move 20 odd miles north or south, should be problem here ppn charts look fab over 14 hours of heavy snowfall from Friday midnight to Sunday evening.