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  1. Yes im in Worthing town and was watching all the strikes over Sompting on the map. There was so much rain and hail!
  2. Just had a little storm pass over, raining so hard you couldn't see out the window, distant rumbles turning into peeling thunder, some quite bright flashes that my oh said he saw over the back of our house, seems to be brightening up again no....heart rate returning to normal *touches wood*
  3. Earthquake in Kent overnight? Just heard it on the news, first thing I did was checks here, can't believe no one's mentioned it x
  4. Wow that red line on the radar just passed over me and it was like the heavens opened! My local weather station has recorded a maximum gust of 64 mph since midnight. It's certainly dangerous out there and mr thunderbuddy is off to work on the roofs of Worthing!
  5. Yep saw that one too. It sunny here at the moment, windy tho, calm before the storm?
  6. Well.apparently I slept through a thunderstorm at about 3/4 this morning! Must have been sparko!
  7. It does feel like it' weekly this year, always for Thursday Friday and Saturday too, dreading next summer already
  8. Hmm I'm glad that they missed me last night.but I wonder if I'll be so lucky today /tonight
  9. Don't think so, the rain was so loud though so.I was all panicking watching the radar but there was only a couple of strikes showing upon the rain that passed over me
  10. The BBC are showing my area clear today, I know it's hit and miss but what do you think captain? Don't get me wrong I appreciate a storm for.clearing humidity (can't stand being hot and sticky) just so long ad it.doesn't come.when.I'm on my own and have things to do!
  11. It's not looking good for me is it? I've been avoiding coming on here as it does not help my anxiety, but as soon as I heard 'thundery shower's on TV I'm all.over netweather like some mad woman
  12. Well here I am back again amidst all this.talk.of thunderstorms in the forecasts :-( Could do with a.captain forecast :-)
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