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  1. Yes im in Worthing town and was watching all the strikes over Sompting on the map. There was so much rain and hail!
  2. Just had a little storm pass over, raining so hard you couldn't see out the window, distant rumbles turning into peeling thunder, some quite bright flashes that my oh said he saw over the back of our house, seems to be brightening up again no....heart rate returning to normal *touches wood*
  3. Actually gutted...took kids to legoland august bank holiday last year and it rained the entire day and we're off to Chessington for 2 days on Thursday and the forecast is rain all day Friday! Ahhhh
  4. I am sweltering is that really only the humidity, I feel like I'm breathing in steam!
  5. It's gunna be like the apocalypse here tonight, I base that on the scientific analysis of the forecasters dodging my location and everyone in the West getting excited and gagging for a monster storm and I'm sitting here begging the Lord to let it dodge me. That means it's coming for me on the South East coast, probably at 9pm when I have to walk home from work, and with my luck, u guys can take that as gospel haha!
  6. I'll rent you my loft conversion with velux windows for the night if you like, clear views over the downs where the storms kick off once they've been swept in off the sea, a view wasted on me, I'm pretified. Might sedate myself tomorrow!!
  7. Oh cool I'm near town, what weather station do you use? Shoreham weather station is saying 21.3
  8. Looks like its broken up on the radar! I'm glad it's clouded over I can feel my house cooling down, where in worthing are u?
  9. Clouding over quite a bit, I'm indoors though so can't see towards the sea
  10. My poor man is working on a roof in amering today! Feel really sorry for him!
  11. I only say it coz usually when this happens every moans about the 'crud' leftover means there's less surface heating to trigger the storms! This humidity though! I hate storms but of its gunna clear the air then go for it! Ugh, dreading tomorrow
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