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  1. Strong gusts and squally rain here, its been so long since ive seen any interesting weather !
  2. Fantastic to see some 'active' weather for our region. I might just get a chance to watch this pass through here.
  3. Looks like im going to miss this convective gusts possibility as im in a meeting all afternoon, hope some of you get some interesting moments from it.
  4. Had dizzle here all morning, now some heavier bursts of rain. Im looking forward to the 'possibility' of snow flurries later. I hope im allowed to say this here ??, some of the gfs charts for next week are certainly provoking a bit of excitement for me. Even if its not in my back yard.
  5. Thanks CS, i read all of your posts, very informative. I will be watching my local station to see the huge temp drop today, fascinating stuff.
  6. Good Morning everyone, its 7 c here and drizzle Is there a place where I can read the rules for posting in this thread ? Want to make sure I stay within them. Have a nice day everyone.
  7. Popped in here to escape the 'regional weather model output discussion' thread. Im no longer welcome there. ho hum Last film I watched was a film called Divergent, about a society with 4 different factions, wasn't a bad film actually. Before that was a film called 'Elysium' by the same director of 'District 9', trouble was it was an almost identical film to district 9 and used many of the same sets !
  8. Sorry ive upset you Daniel and anyone else. That was not my intention.
  9. Thanks John, I used to live a few miles from you. Im going to allow myself a bit of excitement for sunday and keep checking posts in here, i am very pleased at the prospect of frosts most of next week
  10. Ok, i dont want to annoy anyone but are we looking at the 'possibility' of a decent snow covering this weekend ? Or just a potential dusting ?
  11. Ive just seen the netweather snow risk map in the warning thread, so from wednesday to friday its not looking hopeful. Shame, i would have driven maybe an hour to see lying snow. Hopefully next week or as mentioned above, sunday, can deliver.
  12. Not sure if this has been posted but this webcam animation shows a good dumping of snow falling, http://weather.weatherbug.co.uk/MA/Boston-weather/weather-cams/local-cams.html?zcode=z6286&camera_id=WBZMO&camera_animate=1
  13. Just looked at a boston webcam, it either shows a 'white out' or an 'orange out'. chaos lol

    1. Eugene


      Bet they are like milhouse and desperately searching for warmer weather<lol

    2. mickeyb44


      can you imagine if we were going to get a foot and a half to two feet of snow in short space of time. it wouldnt be a red warning, it would be a 'super gold plus' we are all going to die, warning.

    3. lassie23


      LOL! Could you imagine if it only did 4 inches instead :-0

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  14. Very pleasant outside. Im thinking, lampost watch for a slim risk or boston watch for stunning images of mega snow. May do both, good luck everyone for tomorrow night im really not getting my hopes up at all.
  15. Looks like feb might bring some decent frosts to my area, with regards to snow i will wait until the night before the event before i get too excited.
  16. I might join in on 'snow watch' wednesday night, or i might just look at worldwide pictures of heavy snow on google.
  17. But will it settle Daniel ? Hopefully it does and i can have a snow fight with my nephew Yes i wouldnt mind a trip Steve, if i could afford it, to see 2 foot of snow.
  18. I really want to be excited like some of the people in our region but, I just cannot as it all seems so marginal and snow settling with accumulations does not look likely. To repeat what someone else has just said, if this is how its going to be (yes that may change in FI) then roll on spring and bring me some tasty hail showers or a few storms. Good luck to all for seeing some snow.
  19. So am I correct in saying we have a possible slush event wednesday night ?
  20. Can anyone tell me, is there lying snow anywhere in our region ? Thanks
  21. Had to do a delivery and there was sneet in sawbridgeworth lol Drizzle here, temp 3c dewpoint 0c I can see a few more frosts on the charts but nothing else of interest in the reliable timeframe.
  22. Thanks Luke, im liking the idea of potentionally nasty storms a lot. Lassie, ha ha you couldnt resist it could you. Im still happy had a really good frost the other day and looking forward to the next.
  23. Im liking that dartboard low at the very end of FI, if only oh well lets see what happens in the reliable timeframe.

    1. lassie23
    2. mickeyb44


      As my little nephew would say "ha thats not true its poo" we can but hope....

    3. lassie23


      lol i was expecting another possible cold spell so soon

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  24. Anyone know when the next "risk of a chance, of a marginal on off, slim percentage of joy" is ?
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