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  1. According to NW radar I should be seeing snow real soon. Just not sure im prepared to stay awake for hours and hours.
  2. 2c and -3 dp here. A little flurry half hour ago, I wont be staying up for the polar low.
  3. Thanks, I now know that the polar low is on its way tonight. Asked a few times but obviously not seen or maybe a load of members have me on the ignore list, woops
  4. Daniel, what do you think about possible timings of the polar low for us, and what might happen ? I am very excited about this.
  5. Can someone more clued up than me give some possible timings etc on the low / polar low feature and what it 'might' do. Thanks
  6. 1c and -2 dp here. Im staying on radar watch for a while and hoping this thread goes bonkers again like it did earlier
  7. A little while ago we had starnge white objects about the size of a 2 pence piec falling from the sky. I was terrified, nearly called the police - thought it was a terrorist poison attack. What the hell was that stuff ? :o))

    1. BornFromTheVoid


      You're a wizard Harry...

    2. mickeyb44


      Watched harry potter with my nephew last week, it was fab, Im a trekky too. Mixed feelings in the south east regional thread at the moment. some writing off the cold spell and saying we wont get a proper snow event. they may, sadly be right.

    3. BornFromTheVoid


      In TNG I think I remember them talking about having control of weather on Earth. Imagine, a snow lottery each Christmas!

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  8. Short lived but it was great to see 10p sized flakes. Thanks to all who kept the faith for some of us to see snow and posted all the charts to keep the hopes up
  9. I cant believe it, it is actually happening, its snowing 10p flakes here. lol its now stopped
  10. 5c -2dp Good to hear the reports, im in a bit of no zone at the mo.
  11. Hi John, I could see your clouds from here, looked very impressive with mammatus
  12. 6c -2 dp Clouds getting dark, just seen some nice mammatus. NW radar showing snow down the road but not sure how accurate that is.
  13. 6c -2 dp Clouds getting dark here, just seen a nice bit of mammatus NW radar showing snow down the road.
  14. 6c -1 dewpoint Hope im allowed to ask this here, This is exciting, will that little low affect our weather down here ?
  15. 7c dewpoint 0 I hope im allowed to say this here, if not then I apologize in advance - great to see a yellow warning even if it only means 'maybe' 1-2cm.
  16. Morning all, 3c and dewpoint -1, light wind from the NW. looking forward to later today and then other 'possibilities' further on in the cold snap.
  17. Are we allowed to try and learn how to read charts in the regional threads, or is that for the learning area only ?

    1. Paul


      It's not quite - when people talk about 528dam air, it's the distance between 1000hpa (near to but not actually always on the surface) and 500hpa.

    2. Steve C

      Steve C

      Really? I understand wrt to snowfall events, that an adjustment has to be made for the surface level pressure- ie lower pressure means lower thickness levels are needed, but thought that the normal charts posted don't show that adjustment. I'd always look for 500 - 1000 hPa thickness charts to assess snow probability, rather than the 'normal' ones - maybe I need to revisit the learners' area...

    3. mickeyb44


      Thanks guys, its all still confusing for me. Anyway I should be asking these questions in the learning area. Im now hoping for a light dusting of snow tonight. :o)

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  18. I remain hopeful for this cold spell, ive looked at some eye candy charts (yes I know, they are just charts) and allowed myself a bit of a ramp. Night all
  19. Sorry Andy if I said that, I just get excited and happy for other people in my region if they get interesting weather. Lets hope we get a dumping of Hertfordshire snow
  20. Glad to hear you got thunder Chris, I may be moving to Norfolk this year - great fishing and flatlands for stormchasing
  21. Only just checked my local station, 3c and dewpoint -4. Going to stay online for about half hour then off to bed.
  22. Hello Andy, I work in stanstead abbotts. The squall lasted about 5-10 mins and was quite lively, should have filmed it on my phone. I heard there was thunder in Norwich but I couldn't hang around for reports here as I had so much to get done.
  23. Just finished work, I managed to sneak out and watch the squally line today and it was just great to watch, glad to hear some heard thunder too. Havent looked at the charts yet but hoping for some snow next week
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