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  1. Rain just starting to ease off now, 6.7 mm today and now 7.8 c Just seen the met office 7 day forecast for my area, low temps but not much in the way of frost like the gfs is showing. It might 'possibly' be cloudy for the entire week without a frost
  2. 20mm of rain here in last few days, could have been a lot of snow but there you go. Talk of a 'possible' battleground snow scenario in the model thread, but not yet inside reliable timeframe.
  3. Rain here, there was a ground frost late last night but all gone now. At least there may be some frosts next week and maybe further on whilst we wait for something better to show up in the model outputs. Temp 3.8c Dp 3.1c
  4. Hoping for a possible 'bit of snow' tomorrow but not holding my breath, even though bbc graphics is showing it. Temp 0.2 DP - 0.8 Lowest windchill today was - 4.9 this morning Grass temp was - 3 at 6.00 am and now -2.5
  5. Every year I 'buy' the easterly or beasterly that gets the model discussion thread overheating the netweather web servers. Only to see the eventual downgrades that make it almost dissapear in its entireity. Im not saying anything 'wintery' to anyone from now on until its at T48 !!....................marginal marginal marginal............yawn same old same old Then again, I might just carry on ramping......ha ha lol
  6. 17 severe flood warnings in place, not good at all. And with regards to the models.....not good at all for 'proper' winter in the semi reliable timeframe. Credit to met office and ukmo model for not properly buying into the easterly next week. We managed a grass frost here last night at -0.5 c with ice crystals remaining on the temp sensor all day, and my weather station recorded its lowest wind chill at -6 c at 30 mph Lets hope that next weekend its all change to something more 'winter'.......
  7. Oh dear, same every year, i tell people theres an easterly on its way and its going to be really cold and maybe snow. Then it gets downgraded as usual...........lol Temp 4.8c DP -2.1
  8. Horizontal snow here about half hour ago, big flakes. Temp 1.7c DP -0.1c Now for a look at the charts...........
  9. Light snow falling here. Temp 1.8c DP -2.0c A very light dusting on the grass left over from yesterday evening.
  10. Temp 1c dp -0.3c precipitation = none Just turned my electric fan heater off to help with the flickering lights......well it might work !
  11. Wow, sudden demand for electricity across the region. No precipitation here for last hour.
  12. Met office still showing heavy snow for me 7-8pm, wind is now a straight northerly gusting 22mph with chill factor down to -6c, temp 0.8 and dp -0.2 Maybe not over yet.............
  13. Met office forecasting heavy snow for me between 7 and 8 pm, not sure about that now.........
  14. Oh well, 5 minutes of snow better than no snow at all but cant see much more for here happening tonight. Nice to see the pictures.
  15. Precipitation almost stopped here. Temp 0.6c dp -0.4c Just thought i would mention - 3 severe red flood warnings for tomorrow - mersea, clacton, mistley :0(
  16. Finally snowing here, met forecast spot on. Temp 0.8 dp -0.2 feels like ......flippin chilly !
  17. Sleet and snow flakes here, DP just dropped to 0.2c temp 1.4c and the rain sound on the roof is slowing going away :o)
  18. Sleet mixed in with rain here in stanstead abbotts. Temp 2.4c DP 1.1c windchill down to -3c
  19. Temp 3.5 c DP 1.9 c Wind turning NE, wind chill down to -0.2 c here in Stanstead Abbotts. Very marginal for my area, probably just wet snow if it happens at all.
  20. Lol, hello to you to. I have been away from the forums for too long. Good to see that here and ukww are still going strong.
  21. Drove through the thickest fog ive seen for many years last night in Moreton, Ongar. Visibilty down to 20 feet or less on the roads and strictly 5 mph ! I hope everyone has a great new year.
  22. Hello, After having loads of problems with my station and website, and scrapping just about everything I had on the internet, im now back up and running. Ive had my Aercus Weathersleuth, same as Watson 8681 pro solar, for about 6 months and I have to say its been worth every penny of the £150.00 it cost me. Originally it wasn't supported by any software, direct ip only to wunderground, but I asked Brian of weatherdisplay to look at it - he asked me to test some code and eventually got it working with weatherdisplay, so this also applies to other variants of this weather station. 16 second updates and fast wind gust measurement, all so far so good I have now completed my site after much work with additional coding, with the excellent template from Brian Underdown at weather34.com, and now I have what I wanted for many years after buying my 1st bargain basement station, which fell apart several times and had 90 second slow updates ! Just added a link to netweather too, site link in my signature.
  23. Good to hear you saw the Lightning, Stew. Next week is looking good for devon / midlands / lake district ! Original post edited because I got drunk a few nights ago and deleted my youtube channel........again !
  24. That's great to hear, glad you got to see it. Nice area too, I want a beach hut !
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