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  1. -2.6 c this morning and -4.0c on the lawn, also a fair amount of fog which has cleared. Now 8.7c on the roof and 4.2c in the screen and I just managed to capture some rays on my mobile. Interesting model outputs this morning, will the 'south east cold show' continue....
  2. That looks like 4" of ice, almost a sculpture ! Im on fog watch tonight, and keeping an eye on a possible storm watch next week, who knows
  3. Had a little look at the nature reserve this morning, ice between 3-4" thick on the lake and I could not break it. I didn't throw anything, just tried my foot. River lea navigation frozen, broken and re-frozen. This cold spell is maybe worthy of the tag "notable"....
  4. I recorded -12.0c during 2009 / 2010 Temp here at 2.30 am today was -4.7c with -4.0 c on the grass, which is weird because I thought grass temp would always be a bit lower.
  5. Nice pictures of ice lakes ! Temp here is now -1.0 c, not expecting to beat this mornings -7.1c air temp at 1.5 mtrs though Gfs now toying with the idea of quite a wind storm or 2 near the end of its run, ive definitely got my eye on that.
  6. Fog warnings out, yellow warnings for tonight and morning. I hope its not as bad the fog I drove through in Ongar on 30th December, seriously dense fog on the roads that deserved an amber warning upgrade....maybe Temp maxed at 5.7 c today now down to 2.6 c
  7. Some very low temps last night. -7.1c here at 8.00 am -8.5c on the grass, new records for my station Maybe next week new record wind gusts...... This now looks like a 2 week cold spell (as already mentioned this morning), nothing to moan about really because proper snow in our region is as rare as an honest politician....
  8. -4.5c here at 2 feet above ground level. Think I may get my lowest minimum so far this winter by morning. Benson at -6.0c already. And we have a few more nights to go before end of week and then, maybe..........flippin windy fence panels rattling type stuff
  9. That's impressive, you must be in a frost hollow for sure. -1.8c here, falling pretty quick.
  10. Indeed it is, but still nice to see it for more than just 1 day. No snow showing for us in the models but gfs showing a potentially very windy spell starting end of next week, im now on storm watch not snow watch Already -0.3c here, temperature has just dropped 1.9 degrees in a hour.
  11. Quite right, they should not publish such sensationalist claims without the data coming from reliable sources. http://www.express.co.uk/news/weather However, it would be winter proper if it was correct
  12. Temps at 8.00 am here were: Roof -3.5c Screen -4.6c Grass -5.1c grass stayed below freezing last 24 hours, maybe some permafrost in soil too. Most of our region has been very lucky with this cold spell, at least we have had some seasonal wintry weather.
  13. Temp at 6.00 am: Roof -4.5 c Screen -5.0c Grass - 5.5c Half our lawn remained frosted all day yesterday. Got to say this weather may not be snowy but at least it is winter weather, I'm not complaining for sure. All we need now is a battleground snow event to make this winter spell even better.....
  14. We need rainfall in late autumn / winter, spring and summer rain does not do much for reservoirs and aquifers, it gets absorbed by plants and evaporates. If the rest of winter is very dry then there could well be problems, when was the last regional hosepipe bans, I cant remember ?
  15. Air temp last night -3.6c at 5:41 am Grass temp -4.5c at 3:40 am Half lawn still frosted. Still looking forward to a change in the outlook but enjoying this crisp, cold, sunny weather whilst it lasts........
  16. Temp on roof 5.4c Temp in Stevenson screen 2.1c Dp -3.7c Still frost on half the lawn that's out of the sunlight. 0.3mm of frost melt in rain gauge.
  17. Temp -4.9c and Dp -6.0c this morning. Good grass frost which may last a while today.
  18. Minus 1.2 c here in the Stevenson screen, grass temp probably minus 2.0 c Good luck to Kent and East Norfolk, may be some good minimums for you and maybe lower in next few days. Im hoping the model discussion thread goes into meltdown soon but not holding my breath............
  19. Noooooooo Lassie,, but yeah you may well be right. Met office hasn't showed any of the low temps that netweather forecast has been showing me. Oh well, there's always Februray...............
  20. -1.5 c on the grass this morning, now 0.0 c Temp on roof from iss 1.9 c Temp in Stevenson screen 0.5 c Met office showing a minimum for me tonight at 0.0 c , I will see if that's correct in the morning. Good to see the gfs keeping hold of the cold in the south east corner for quite a while, im hoping there will soon be a reason for the model thread to get really busy
  21. Hmmm, Netweather forecast for my area next 6 days - 5 frosts, 2 of which could be good frosts. Meto forecast - 1 light frost and mostly cloudy crud I dont post in the model thread, but im keeping an eye on it for sure and waiting for people to start talking of change in the semi reliable timeframe. 34 mm of rain so far this month, good for the aquifers I suppose, so not a disaster.
  22. I think I jinxed the cold snap when I found my snow shovel and bag of rock salt, woops Gfs looking........boring, lets hope for an unexpected change in the output this week for next week, Temp 4.6c Rain 5mm
  23. Netweather forecast giving me a frost every day until next monday, -4c on saturday. Meto forecast having none of it..............
  24. So we all got excited over an easterly / northerly / easterly type thing. Then the inevitable happened, how long before the gfs throws this chart up just to rub the salt in...........................lets face it, its getting close to it.....just kidding ???
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