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  1. "Firefox has blocked the outdated plugin flash from running on metoffice.gov.uk"

    Has anyone informed the ministry of defence that "flash" is most certain to be entirely unsupported by all major browsers real soon ????

    Im letting all my browsers block it now, the powers that be want it gone, google chrome wants it gone, android wants nothing to do with it. It will be gone

    no matter what.

  2. 40 minutes ago, stainesbloke said:

    Hopefully much further south, means we miss the nasty winds and might even seem something wintry

    Ahh, I didnt think of that, pulling cold air in. Well im a storm and snow fan so win / win for me either way !

    But it is the gfs and from what ive seen over many many years of watching it, it really does over cook lows and then downgrades. South east region was very lucky with

    this cold spell that has just ended, definitely worthy of 'notable' description.


  3. Met office got the ice warnings right for sure, ice that you can not see at all because its so fine.

    Min temp here last night was -3.2c at 1.00 am and a surprising -6.0c on the grass.

    Models still not sure about how this cold will end or not end..............

    Anyone else on wind watch with the gfs, consistently showing a period of strong winds

  4. 1 hour ago, Surrey said:

    Heathrow bosses must be sitting there going "oh for f* sake"  :rofl:

    Lol, I can just imagine.......wrong kind of fog, wrong kind of ice, wrong kind of cold, what do we do......help

    Only +2.5c here, very different from last night, im keeping an eye on my weathercam for fog watch...

    Changed my signature and its spot on, I will never ever forget that storm.

    Edit, this post with quote has not displayed properly, sorry @Surrey






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