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  1. Are we allowed to try and learn how to read charts in the regional threads, or is that for the learning area only ?

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    2. Paul


      It's not quite - when people talk about 528dam air, it's the distance between 1000hpa (near to but not actually always on the surface) and 500hpa.

    3. Steve C

      Steve C

      Really? I understand wrt to snowfall events, that an adjustment has to be made for the surface level pressure- ie lower pressure means lower thickness levels are needed, but thought that the normal charts posted don't show that adjustment. I'd always look for 500 - 1000 hPa thickness charts to assess snow probability, rather than the 'normal' ones - maybe I need to revisit the learners' area...

    4. mickeyb44


      Thanks guys, its all still confusing for me. Anyway I should be asking these questions in the learning area. Im now hoping for a light dusting of snow tonight. :o)

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