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  1. Not going to bother with the countryfile forecast, based on latest ecm i am now a moaning southerner ! Pah, rubbish, not worthy of the term 'storm' in my area. See you all tomorrow.

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    2. SE Blizzards

      SE Blizzards

      No need for that comment what so ever. I've been on Netweather 3 years yes, but have many more years experience of chart viewing ect etc. i don't need to explain myself to you anyway. And please don't talk to me/or about me because i blocked you yesterday and am no longer interested in anything you have to say. Now, if you have any decency in you, you'll respect my wishes and leave me be. If you don't i will report you

    3. Froze were the Days

      Froze were the Days

      and I will you...stop acting so self righteously.

    4. mickeyb44


      Picking my toys up now and put back in pram, must try to remember not to let the gfs wind me up for about 10 days in advance and only start looking seriously when its in the 72 hour timeframe. Sorry for my moan :o))

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