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  1. Spend all winter chasing easterlies, then get one that does not produce a single frost in my area and just a tiny dusting. Recorded -5.8 c windchill yesterday, I was out in it and it sure felt cold ! Great to see some people got a decent covering though, all was not lost. So will we be lucky at end of feb or march, winter is not over yet........
  2. No snow here, im not here either, neither is anyone I can see here. bovvered............not
  3. Just counted 475 and a half snow dots on the car, im now off snow watch, good luck everyone...
  4. Slight dusting on my car, not expecting much more than that. Temp 1.0 c Dp -1.4c
  5. We have shneetsaldriz here, how exciting, mega cold snap, lol

    1. lassie23


      indeed this cold spell is a load of sheet

  6. Tiny snow grains here, they are bouncing on hard surfaces so maybe graupel ? Temp 1.1c Dp -1.6c
  7. Unexpected frost here this morning, -0.5c air temp and -1.0c in the screen, but 2.5 c on the grass so maybe the grass has kept some of the heat from last few days. What will the cold spell bring for our region...
  8. Internet hackers are amongst the weakest cowards on the planet. Hopefully one day they will all no longer exist.

    1. D.V.R


      Totally agree.. they're in the same class as child molesters and the ones who beat and rob OAPs .. low life scums!

    2. Mapantz


      I think you need to research the term "hats" 
      You cannot tar them all with the same brush.

    3. D.V.R


      true.. but we know which ones he's referring to.

  9. Just looked at the GEM, ha ha ha and blimey but not likely. Max gust here so far today 30 mph. Maybe a short snow event next week but not holding my breath......
  10. Oh dear, met office not naming the storm and not going for snowy easterly in their update. Anyone for rain, mush and murk then ?
  11. I am so not looking at the gfs near the end of its run, not looking, not looking and definitely not looking ! I am looking at next weekend though.....
  12. Apologies, I have only just seen this. My opinion is yes its great value. Both models use the same sensors and I have been very happy with the accuracy and reliability so far.
  13. "Firefox has blocked the outdated plugin flash from running on metoffice.gov.uk" Has anyone informed the ministry of defence that "flash" is most certain to be entirely unsupported by all major browsers real soon ???? Im letting all my browsers block it now, the powers that be want it gone, google chrome wants it gone, android wants nothing to do with it. It will be gone no matter what.
  14. Ahh, I didnt think of that, pulling cold air in. Well im a storm and snow fan so win / win for me either way ! But it is the gfs and from what ive seen over many many years of watching it, it really does over cook lows and then downgrades. South east region was very lucky with this cold spell that has just ended, definitely worthy of 'notable' description.
  15. Rain not that heavy here, max 1.63mm per hour. Has anynone else been looking at the gfs storms that it keeps chopping and changing about ? Whats the betting that they all shift much further North or South nearer the reliable timeframe
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